What if you do not have knowledge about internet?

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What if you don´t have knowledge about internet? Are you alone? How common is it to have great knowledge or even sufficient knowledge about internet?

Not everbody knows what tweets and podcasts are

47% of Swedes don´t know what tweets are? And 45% don´t know what podcasts are? This according to a yearly report about the use of internet in Sweden, made by ISS a Swedish organization

- Not knowledgeable at all  1 out of 4 see themselves as not knowledgeable at all when it comes to computors and 2 out of 3 are retired.

-Not particular knowledgeable When it comes to not particular knowledgeable on computers there are no difference in age.

-What do Swedes do online  

1) First up, we search/look for facts. On average a Swede is online surfing for 3 hours a day.

2) Secondly, we are on You Tube.The use of streaming has gone up from 2014 52%,to 2015 70%.

3) On third place comes the E-commerce. It has decreased from 2014 85% to 2015 79%.

4) On fourth place comes reading the paper.

Not ever has so many as 93% of the population had access to internet. Now, this is a Swedish report but the internet is global and we are all humans so I don´t think it will vary too much. The older generation did not grow up with internet and have less knowledge about it compared to the younger one´s for example.

A personal conclusion

So what does this report indicate. Well, to me it´s obvious, even if the government is providing access to internet it is after all up to each individual to see to it that the right knowledge is adopted. It does not matter if we work online, are citizens, customers, friends or basketball moms trying to figure out information about the next training. We all have to have knowledge about tweets, different programmes, Paypal and why not podcasts as well. It is with education and training things are made easier.

If you like to see where I learnt a lot of my skills, check out the link: the SFM education & training Wish you an amazing day.

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