What Is Affiliate Marketing?

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How does it feel when there is too much month with not enough money coming in? Have you felt at times that some extra income would come in so handy? However, you are already limited with your time and to earn an extra income through another job or a promotion would just add more pressure to your life. Sometimes you ask yourself "what else can you do to make life easier". 

I asked those questions all those years ago when I was a single parent and I realised that the university degree was not the answer to increase my income. I went on to look for things that could generate me some additional money each week. Something that I could do indpendantly that could be done whilst I was still working full-time. I wanted to work from home. My time was precious enough as it was, working from home would fit in with my daughter and being there for her. I wanted something that I could work the hours I wanted to. Once my daugher had gone to bed I wanted a way of being able to generate that extra income. 

I completed a study course on FOREX trading and discovered it just did not suit my personality and you needed quite a sizeable amount of money to get started as capital. I started a network marketing business with a health product and discovered the only way to build the business was through home parties, again taking me away from my young daughter. The last thing I wanted to be doing was running home presentations in strangers homes to build a business.

2 years ago I discovered how to build an online business. My close friend approached me last year and showed me how I could build an online business. We worked together as accountants in the same organisation over 10 years ago. She told me it was affiliate marketing. I had never really heard of it and it all sounded 'too good to be true'. She said I could generate leads from around the world and market other peoples products and services to them. The higher the price of the products or service the higher the commission paid. 

It sounded awesome! This year we both became business partners and launched our online business model, marketing and promoting the education, training, tools and techniques we use, to anyone wanting to create their own online business and work from home like we do. 

The advantages of affiliate marketing:

  • It can be the fastest way to generate income online
  • You can market and promote to a global audience
  • You do not have to stock or shelf the physical products
  • You do not have to distribute the product
  • You do not have to handle the customer service or follow through
  • You do not have to do the finance, you do not have to do the invoicing
  • You can receive high commission payment depending on the product you promote 
  • As long as you have a laptop and internet connection you are good to go
  • You have the freedom and flexibility to work your own hours

Last year it took time to learn, train and educate ourselves on affiliate marketing and creating an online business. We had to dedicate time to it everyday, consistency was key in this working. It took me 4 years to complete a college degree and yet here, in 12 months, I was prepared to put in the time to create something that was capable of unlimited income potential and give me back my time.

So we did and here we are.

Last year I spent months in America travelling and time in Asia. This year I spent 3-4 months travelling in our winter to America and Canada and Ireland. I could never have done this with a full-time job as a corporate accountant. 

The digital economy is here to stay and it is growing at a fast and rapid rate.

With the complexities of technology and more and more artificial intelligence, jobs are becoming much more unstable and unpredictable.

The retail market is changing with the growing internet shopping experience where customers are researching and buying online.

Affiliate marketing is a big part of that experience with big companies looking for affiliate marketers to be able to promote their products and services through the likes of the average person, like Trish and Chris.

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