What's All That Fuss About The Attraction Marketing?

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An attraction marketing. We hear this word often. It pops into everyday conversations. We see it online, we hear it in the media or from publicly recognized marketers, speakers, coaches. It's like a magic formula to an achievement, success, happiness and freedom.

However, who really knows what it is? 

I admit I was confused with the term and as you know me a bit now, I need clarity. So here we go, let me tell you what it is all about and how it can be beneficial for you.

What is that attraction marketing?

It is the most effective form of marketing today. It is based on the approach "give and you shall receive" instead of traditional "ask and you shall receive". 

The goal is to build a relationship with our potential prospects by giving them a valuable information in hope to convert them to raving fans.

What was working in the past, doesn't work today. A few years ago it was enough to be known by the certain audience, target market or even better publicly known and people were buying from us simply because we put ourselves in front of their eyes and showed them our product.

These days marketing reached the next level. There are a million products out there and to get the attention of the prospects we must do more. Ideally, we lead our audience through the process of building a connection, which creates and strengthens the trust and at the end forms a long-term relationship.

The process called "KNOW - LIKE - TRUST" consist of 3 stages and we do not want to miss any one of them.

Stage 1 "KNOW"

First of all, we want to make sure that people know about us. We have to do something to put ourselves in front of them, ideally at the right time by providing a valuable information. 

Let's take a nutrition as an example. John received the results of his tests for the food allergies. He was told that he had gluten intolerance and he was advised not to eat bread, pasta, porridge, in general, all gluten-rich foods. 

It leaves him with a question: "What is there left for me, what I can actually eat?" He types into the Google gluten free guide and he finds our article, blog or Facebook fan page with a variety of relevant tips how to start a gluten-free diet.

He knows about us, he used our initial advice and he is ready to find out more.

Stage 2  "LIKE"

After John tried out a couple of our tips and they worked for him, he starts to follow us. He is learning from us, visiting our website, following our Facebook posts, watching our YouTube channel videos, reading our blogs. He likes us, he starts sharing our content with others because we offered him a value he needed at the right time.

Not everybody is going to like us though. There will be many of the dislikers, too. But that's good, people are talking about us and it is normal that some of those who spread the word will like us and some of them will not.

We focus on those who are on our side and we serve them the best we can.

Stage 3   "TRUST" 

John has been our fan for some time now. Our advice helps him. He is lead by us. He trusts us because all that we offered worked for him so far. He starts buying from us or from the resources recommended by us.

We have build up the most important element of this process, the trust. We have turned a potential customer into a loyal client.

The "know-like-trust" process is simple. Everybody can be marketing. The only thing everyone does not understand is that it takes time to lead people through this process. 

A majority of the marketers want to succeed immediately. That's the approach of the past. In the present, being patient and consistent in providing the value genuinely will sooner or later bring its fruits. 

It is not a sprint, it's a marathon. It's the process of connecting with other human beings and creating long-term relationships.  

Our biggest assets are honesty, genuine care and truth. To be there in the communication with our prospects, to listen to them, to ask them the questions and to find their pains.

Collecting the information about our customers will help us to truly understand them. Then, we have a permission to assist them to make their first step closer towards their dreams and desires or their first step away from their pains. 

Sometimes it's enough just to be there, let them be heard and show them that there is the way. The way we already know because once there was a day when we were struggling with the same obstacles or challenges.

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