What is Inbound Marketing?


What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is valuable content and respectful marketing all together.

Inbound marketing is a new way of looking at the customer and more and more companies are appling inbound marketing. If you look at a marketers day as it use to be. At work producing direct emails and sending out quantities of emails. Then coming home and finding the same type of email but calling it junkmail. Direct emails or junk mail. Different type of words for the same thing.This is how it has been.  

How does it work ?

With inbound marketing you like to get the customer coming to you through establishing trust and providing valuable information. You like customers to talk about you and recommend you. Inbound marketing relies on an integrated approach to media and combines social media, organic search, paid search and direct approaches like email. The integrated approach means you will build authority online.

When the customer provides you with an emailaddress and opt-in to become a lead you have follow up mails going out from your autoresponder- to provide more valuable information so the buying decision-process can be completed.  

Inbound marketing is nothing without great content

Inbound marketing will fail without valuable content. You and your business are establishing yourself online through providing value and even through showing who you are. You are attracting not only clients but support, subscribers, coworkers etc. People with interest in what you provide- therefore inbound marketing is a highly targeted way to market.

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