FEAR what they didn't tell you?

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I know that many of us deal with fear. It sucks, doesn't it?

To talk about what fear really is I have the following explanation: Alignment is found when there is an absence of fear. Think about it:

Alignment is found when there is an absence of fear and we feel truly happy and joyful. Living our lives in abundance (perfect harmony)

It's at those time when everything starts to move and roll and flow. People start to phone you. You get great news! Did you ever experience that?
Or you just bumping in the right people at the right time and you just ecstatic and really excited about everything in your life at that moment.

These are the moments when there is no fear. In those moments we are truly aligned with our selves. When we are so connected with our heart, the universe, god, your higher self. We know what to do and we hear what we need to hear.


How can you get out of that fear state

I want you to stare at your deepest fears right in the eye. To really go there!

What this will do is that if you are daring to go there, things can shift because you look it straight in the eye and after that, all the good stuff comes back flowing in. Write it on paper if that helps you. When did this fear enter your life...

Confront your fears

What if we think that our biggest fear is to fail in business, running out of money. Let's say you worry about this the most?

Now ask your self: What is the worst thing that can happen to you? 
Will we die?
Are we in real danger? 
Can we deal with it? Can we coop with it Are we stronger than we actually know? 

Yes, of course, we are stronger than we know and there will be still blessings and there will be still things where we can be grateful for.

We always find a way to works things out and we are not really in danger as in life-threatening. When we face fear this way, it is not even half the way of the feelings we thought are gonna show up in the present moment.

So, Always ask your self? How real is my fear and what is the worst thing what could happen? Are you living in the wild like 100's of years ago? Can you die because you have to fight for your food? So how real is that big fear?

How are successful people doing that? 

Successful people have fear as well. it is not that they have no fear. Successful people are just facing and dealing with those fears. It is not that they have a total absence of it.

They just jump in and do it anyway. They choose to make that decision and do it anyway. It is just the choosing process. What steps can I take and what action can I take now to make a better life for my self and my family.

In action, we breathe confidence and believe and trust. In the not action it is avoidance.

If you a have a clear path in front of you and you know that 1000's of people join this education and find the greatest of joy because of it. They actually found so much joy that a lot of us teach others how we, you and me can have a successful life and a profitable online business.

Sometimes its hard to reach that on your own. We need a step by step plan and real guidance from somebody who is already living the life in abundance and is a millionaire. There is no better way than a millionaire who teaches us. The corner shop cannot teach you that. Its the millionaire who knows all the steps.

A good accountability partner helps and a lot of us have that.

Its like: You have a mate and you go to the gym! Your mate will drag you out, motivates you and does not let you make excuses. Your mate will talk to you and ask you what's going on and remembers you............of your WHY as in why did you start this friend?

Why do you want to do this? Live in France... A house in the Caribbean. Coffee at half past 9 instead of rushing out the door for work. Just more money to breathe... More time to actually enjoy what really matters in life. More time and freedom. If it's a good mate he remembers you of your goals, your vision.

So now you got your WHY in front of you again, the only things that you need is taking action. Constantly following the steps and the path and learn it from others who teach you everything and hold nothing back. ( that's our community we hold nothing back and show you exactly how you can reach your Dream-Life. 

What will not gonna help you is the following:

Thinking like this whatever you choose: In a few months time, this is not the right time, maybe later, when I earn more money I will get into it. A maybe is a no and later never happens. Let's face it 9 out of 10 it does not.

Deep within we all know that these are just excuses who came up after fear. The excuses are all just created after fear. And you know what they say about fear, fear is a piece of bad advice. If we believe our fears we never can make things happen.

Instead of that: Always choose LOVE over fear, there is where your heart is, there are all the answers and there is were true alignment is found.

So many have already walked this path.

This makes it even less scary because you will get all the help you need.

I know its easier said than done, but remember my story about me and my dad;

I never felt good enough because my dad was harsh and pushing me to make something out of my life, that's what he learned from his father. He told me that if I do not listen: You will never be somebody in your life and it will never work out for you.

This method of him did not work out for me. Although he meant well. I love him and have a very good relationship with him now.

From then on, I took a different direction in my life because I was hurt and when he said NO Inge, Do not do that. I said YES. It did not bring me on the right path at all in my life. It brought me depression and misery. I did not believe in my self and buried my dreams because I thought I was not good enough to reach those goals and dreams.

The thought of me feeling that I was not good enough made me freeze to take any kind of action. The thought of me thinking that I could not be successful in life took literally years of my life. I am 48 now.

Years have been stolen off me by just accepting it as truth. Of course, it was not true, but because I was so sensitive I took it on board and absorbed it as if it was the truth!

Now I know with all the learning, new knowledge and all the gained clarity and all the technics! Now I know how to counteract fear. A whole new world opened up to me. A world what you could enter as well. A world of  BELIEVE - TRUST - HOPE - JOY.

A world that taught me how to deal with this limit beliefs. It started with trust when I started. The Trust in the journey as in trust in others who already made it happen. What would happen to you if follow that exact same path? 

Release the how (as in how does it all work and so and so on) and just trust your feelings. Just because you may be not completely know how it unfolds and how it's going to work for you to get from A to B it does not mean it is not gonna happen.

its the same with everything if we do not trust we not move, but we do step every day in a car and trust that we will arrive safely.

The only thing what rest is a commitment. Allowing your self that you are gonna make this work no matter what and then you will. If you operate from a place of love. Constantly going to this place of love or call it IN LOVE. We know how that feels and maybe that easier for you to connect within.

If you go back to it all the time, then our path will become clearer and clearer.
Where there is love there cannot be fear. Love is so much more powerful than fear will ever be.

You can start your journey here, it always begins with a single step.


My kindest regards,

Ingeborg Braas

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