What Tools for Your Online Business Will Make You Unbeatable?

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The tools for your online business will make the difference…

Using the correct tools for your online business startup can make the whole difference between failure and success. To be honest, when starting my online business, the importance of the tools to use was of less importance. Gosh, how wrong I was!

Steve Jobs is, for most people, an example of excellent entrepreneurship in all its dimensions. Thinking out of the box for every single topic is one of the characteristics of a real entrepreneur. As humans, we have a tendency to follow the crowds, with the argument that so many people can impossibly wrong.

That is true in many cases but not always. As an entrepreneur, you need to know how to figure out the correct path, which isn't always easy. But suppose you start up by thinking entirely out of the box. In that case, your possibility is enormous to end up with a unique and maybe fantastic idea.

As a young teenager, Steve jobs found an article in a scientific magazine where the most efficient species on earth were listed. When finding the humans first in the 4th place, "normal" people should just register the data as an exciting thing, and that's it. Steve, however, was choked.

For example, the condor was number one on the list when moving one kilometer and consuming less energy than any other species. But when you then compare the human on a bicycle, suddenly, the human becomes 50 times more efficient than the condor.

This becomes the ignition to Steve Jobs' entrepreneurial journey, where he could view how tools can make the human superior. Tools will unlock any existing potential.....continue reading>>

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