Can Happiness Be Achieved?

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There she was in her room, lying down inside her warm bed not wanting to move.

“You should get up, meditate, exercise, you know, all the things successful people do…”

It was so annoying to know all of that, all the rules all the recipes to feel amazing. To be honest the biggest challenge now was to simply sit down on her bed, not even getting up.

“How do they do that? Is there something wrong with me?”. She kept on questioning herself, believing there was something wrong about her and how worthless she felt.

“Why do I even exist? I mean honestly, I´m just a piece of meat lying down complaining about how I can´t even get up.”

This kept going for about half an hour until she got up. “Should I shower? It´s too cold, I should, I didn´t shower yesterday… People might notice, fuck, ok…”

“I always feel good after showering; I should do this every day… I always say this after showering, this stupid drama happens every time… Thank God I have no kids! My sister looks worst than me and she showers every day, I don´t know how she does that… Or does she shower only when I see her to appear clean? Hum, no idea.”


After overcoming the 9:00am traffic she arrived at her work. She had never-ending meetings, same things as always, same faces, same stupid and empty conversations, people breathing down her neck. She hated it, but hey, it paid her bills.

“This is stupid, am I the only one who feels trapped in this? I hate my job, nothing of this inspires me, no wonder I hate getting up in the mornings. Those stupid gurus say to meditate and exercise and all of that crab, but when you arrive at this horrible job nothing that you did before will change the fact that you feel miserable while you are inside this stupid building! I have to get out of here, I need some air!”

“Julie, can you please send me the report of the last meeting? Thank you”. She wanted to kill him, that face, always there, every day asking her to do lame things all the time.

“Yes, of course, I only have to take a bathroom break”. She got up, looked at the time and went outside. She really needed to take a deep breath in. How was she going to end this? She couldn´t just quit, how would she pay the rent, her car, the food, everything…


“Julie? Hi, how have you been? It´s been a while since the last time I saw you.” It was Vanessa, a good friend she had lost contact with since, well, since she had a lot more time than her. Now she was there, looking fit in her bike.

“Well, to be honest, I feel like shit, I usually say something like; oh, fine, good, busy, but I am tired of all that crab. I don´t know what to do. What do you do? You always seem so happy and the few times I see you, you seem to be on your bike or planning your next adventure holiday. What is your secret?”

“Well, I have an online business. I am free to do whatever I want with my time. Of course, it is hard work yet it is never like, well, sorry for saying this but, your job.”

“What? An online business? You? Isn´t that like a bunch of lies? Do you actually shoot videos and all of that?”.

“Yes, I love it. Look, I get it, a lot of people are still super skeptic of this and they are free to feel that way, but it doesn´t change the fact that it is a huge economy and it is still in its infancy.” Said Vanessa.

“I don´t know, I don´t believe in all of those things that tell you that you will get rich in three months and so. I just don´t buy it”. Said Julie.

“You shouldn’t, this is hard work, especially at the beginning. It is working after work, learning a lot and I really mean a LOT. It is only for those who are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. When the time comes, then they quit their jobs. This can take a year or two, it really depends on the person and circumstances but after that, the rest of the years to come, we design our lifestyle.” Said Vanessa.

“Well, I don´t know. I have to get going, good to see you though, enjoy your ride”. Said Julie.


The day at worked finished and the traffic began. “Why do we do this? We, humans, are crazy, we do the same things at the same time over and over again, it is driving us all crazy! Online business… Well, I could do that from my bed while people are in traffic. What am I thinking about? Online business? I know nothing about those things, then again, neither did Vanessa… I wonder.”

The whole week passed, all those never-ending hours at work and the thing is, she was really good at it, that was why they kept on giving her raises and promotions since she first arrived 3 years ago.

“Three years of my life, I can´t complain that much. I have learned a lot, made great connections, some friends. Who am I kidding? I feel miserable… Well, maybe I can ask Vanessa if she can elaborate more on that online business thing.”


She contacted her via Facebook and Vanessa sent her a link, it took her to a landing page where there was a lot of information and a part where she was supposed to put her name and email to receive some free videos to learn about how to create a business that she could love…

“Oh well, it´s for free, I can unsubscribe and I am truly desperate to find a way out of my current job.”

There was a video that explained everything about affiliate marketing, Julie was amazed by how simple it sounded. Knowledge about this made her feel safer.

Another video explained how when we focus on things that are interesting to us, we can succeed online. With very different examples it became a lot clearer. Again, it felt safer, it was the lack of information about online business that made her feel scared.

In a very grounded way, another video explained what it was needed from a person to succeed in this digital economy and the last one was a sneak peek of behind the scenes. It was all very eye-opening.

Another week went by, this week Julie felt that if she kept on doing this, she would end up taking medication for depression. So, she took a leap of faith, went to the mails Vanessa had sent her and became a member of the six figure mentors.


Wow, what a community! She always found help when she needed it, made amazing friends from all over the world, yes, there were moments where she felt overwhelmed and didn´t know what to do. Then she remembered she had coaches that could help her, it was all included.

It took her less time than it took Vanessa to quit her job, only 10 months. So many things happened during that time, it sort of felt like more than 10 months because it was super intense.

After quitting her job, she had a lot more time to do the things she wanted to do. She sculpted her schedules in a way where she could start loving Mondays.


It was amazing to actually find meaning in life. Ten months ago, when she was used to waking up without wanting to get out of bed looked like a very old memory.

Now her next adventure was to help even more people and probably create an organization or charity. She always wanted to do something like that.

“If you have a heartbeat, there is still time for your dreams".

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