When Nature Throws Curves--Be ALIVE Anyway

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When Nature throws us a curve ball, swing anyway. It's called being alive.

Nature has thrown us a lot of curves this summer up here in the Muskokas. We have received so much rain, it seems to rain every other day or some everyday.

You would think we are in the far south where they have a rainy season every summer.  The picture you see above this blog post is the 7th fairway at our golf course today where we had heavy rain most of the day with thunderstorms.


This is a picture taken of our 17th green and sand trap that looks like a pond.

Even though it looks terrible we plan on golfing tomorrow for mens day dispite the conditions and it will be cart paths only tomorrow for the men who are adventureous enough and feel ALIVE enough to be there anyway.

We have all heard to old saying when life gives you lemons make lemonaide and add the vodka and ice cubes!!

We all have had challenging times in our lives that we were not happy about what happened but we got through it anyway.

Regardless of what happens to us we can always learn from it and be thankfull to be ALIVE and see the green grass that continues to grow especially this year with all the water, some sunshine would be welcomed.

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