Why Am I Here? (part 2)

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I'm here to learn to be the best I can be!

Here begins the promised part 2 of "Why I Am Here!"  Since we last spoke, I've been to my family doctor.  He drew blood and performed 5 major tests!  They all came back saying I'm not seriously ill.  For a 75-year-old, my numbers are very good!  My triglycerides are twice what they should be, but Dr. King says, "not high enough to require more treatment."  So, it seems that all I really need to do is apply more discipline — exercise more, especially my table muscles! (Push myself away from the table so I eat less!)

building my body

I'm down to 235 from 248 when I saw the doctor, not at my goal of ~220, but making progress!  I'm using a combination of methods, including "lean belly breakthrough" books, purchased on the Internet, but my main method is believing in myself!  I believe that I can lose the excess weight!  Jesus said, "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.", Mark 21:22, and other similar New Testament verses.

Believing in myself is not something that comes automatically, or easily!  It's something that I have to work on every day!  I realize now that in all those years of classroom teaching, I had it too easy!  Yes, at the time I thought I was working hard, but it was ritual, habit.  In order to grow, we have to be willing to change!  The best physical trainers will tell you that in order to improve your physique, you have to change the exercises you do, because your body gets used to a certain set, and then makes no more progress!  In order to grow, physically, mentally, spiritually, we need to push ourselves in new directions!  Writing regular blogs is one way I'm doing that.

I'm also working very hard to learn the lessons offered by SFM!  At the moment, I feel like I'm being exposed to many pieces of the puzzle, but there are missing pieces that are keeping me from completing the picture!  I placed my first ad with Facebook a week ago.  I've has several "likes", but no leads yet.  I realize that some new members progress faster than I have, but we each move at our own speed!

What new habits are you forming?  Are they habits that will further your growth, or are you allowing yourself to become lazier?  Will there be a part 3?  Probably!  Please feel free to comment on my blogs!  If you leave an email address, I will answer you!