Why you should be selling high ticket item? Sell Less & Earn More.

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Sell Less & Earn More, But You Are Earning The Same Profit! 


This very principle applies to both affiliate marketing and Drop-shipping. As the customer service required for high ticket sale & low ticket sale is pretty much the same, so why not focus on making huge profit per sale & provide the best customer service to your customers? It’s basically a win-win situations. There’s less refund, less calls but the profit is the same or higher! So it basically is sell less, work less but earn more!

 My First Realization on This Very Principle.

I still remember my very first online venture was starting a Aliexpress drop-shipping store. I am not against this business model, in fact, I know some people out there is just doing exceptionally well and making 6 figure income with this exact model. But as someone who have been in this industry, it’s just not a sustainable business model and a lot of down side. Despite the extremely long waiting time (2-6 weeks) will turn off a lot of potential customers, there will also be a lot of pissed off customers blaming for the long waiting time frame also claiming they have never received the package. As sometimes the Chinese delivery company will just never deliver the package or simly lost the package. So basically I have suffered a lot through refunding customers and basically there’s just a lot of negative emotions came in. So I started googling how to make a living online again.

 What Is My Experience?

undefinedOn the way of my research, I landed on “Dropship Lifestyle” (DSL) & “Six Figure Mentors” (SFM). So right now I have a fully functional & profitable dropshipping store and building my affiliate marketing business. I have to tell you that I put in a lot of hard work to get to where I am right now. Basically I bought the DSL at Black Friday and I launched my store in March. So there’s basically I have put in 4 months of hard work before I start seeing some tractions. It includes calling supplier, uploading products, creating google ads, optimizing the store. There’s just a lot of room for improvements. But after all the hard work, the profit is also rewarding. The biggest sale that I had is 8k usd and the profit after all fees is around $600. It’s not too bad for a $600 take-home profit per day. But you can earn a lot more if you are US citizen as I’m not, I have to pay for extra fees per transactions (Yeah.. I know that sucks!)


undefinedFor affiliate marketing, I think this very principle applies too. As there are a lot of affiliate products paying around $10-$50 per sale. Again, I’m not against the business model, it’s just I’m quite lazy and enjoy a huge take home profit with less work. So I have chosen being an affiliate of the Six Figure Mentors. Although affiliate marketing might be the easiest way to start online business as it requires the least starting capital, you will still have to post ads in order to build your own email list (Unless you plan to build it organically, I’m not saying it can’t, it will take triple the time of using paid traffic!) The highest commission of the SFM could be up to $1450 per sale! That’s totally insane. You don’t have anything to fulfill, all you have to do is drive traffic and collect people’s email and sending the right offer to them! The most success member are earning $100k per month, just through commission! That’s where I’m going to be, as long as I put in the hard work. But I have to tell you this one hard truth, it’s not a make money quick scheme and also it’s not a click button magic. You will have to dedicate hard work and also be consistent, even though you don’t see any success with it. But I guarantee you this one thing, hard work pays off, one day it’ll pay you this fruitful reward once you have dedicated time.


Remember to ask yourself WHAT got you started. I always wanted to be financially free and basically live a life that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and with whoever I want.

How Can I Get Started?

If you would like me to help you get started with The Six Figure Mentors and join our team, you can submit an application for FREE by clicking here.

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