Why You Should Stop Waiting and Start An Online Business Right Now?

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To be honest, I still remember the day that I have started my journey. The hurdles, the challenges, the fear, they are real. At the very first moment, I am using my money placing on ads and paying for all the legal documents. I know I can’t fail and I won’t let it because I really hate being in a 9-5 job. I hate to work for someone else where I can use the exact same time to build my own success instead of helping my boss to achieve something in his life.


Seriously, sometimes people just need a giant life crisis or wake-up call before we start realizing that our time here is limited.


Life is difficult. Bad things happen to us, and we can’t avoid it. Family member being in hospital and needing extra help. Sadly, in most circumstances, we can’t just leave our job and be there for them. We have to ask for our boss permission. But what if your boss said NO?

People trapped in the rat race and felt lost. I get it. I was there once. I was living a meaningless life, commuting to work (My internship in summer) and basically doing boring accounting staff which I had absolutely no passion about.


So I googled how to make a side income online. I aimed BIG but start small. One step at a time. Master one skills and then I will put my focus on another venture.


Starting an online business could be the thing that will totally change your life but most people just can’t see it as such because of their emotional state. Or they just quit within weeks of getting started – seamlessly because their mindset and emotional state are already weakened and they don’t want it bad.


Success never will be easy. If it’s that easy, everyone would have done it. It is the one who don’t quit wins.


undefinedI started as a newbie and I have enjoyed the learning curve. Although I haven’t reached any huge milestones, but I know that the whole “Making Money Online” idea works. But I need to warn you, it takes time and effort. It is not a push button magic that you can instantly get rich. There is a huge and steep learning curve. But once you have mastered the skills, I guarantee you that it is rewarding. If I can start with no technical background, completely new to the E-commerce and digital marketing world. ANYONE Can Do This! Period.


Having an online business basically gives you the TRUE FREEDOM. START Now.


The ONLY bad time to start is LATER!

Success in anything is not going to be an overnight thing. But with persistence and a right mindset, you will succeed in this long game.


undefinedBe sure to know your WHY. Know your purpose in life. Spending more time with the people you care about? Trying to achieve something for yourself? Or simply want to be financially-free and do whatever you want? Or want to add an additional income stream so you can build a family and pay off your bills easily?


Be sure to imagine your IDEAL Life. What point of life do you want to be? You don't have to let me know, but remember it, remember the feeling of it. And FOCUS, START and one day, it will become Your Life, not a dream, not an imagination.

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Even though you are just a beginner, affiliate marketing will still be the right fit for you. It only requires a little upfront investment on marketing.

If you are ready to start playing a MUCH bigger game, START now!

Learn more about the exact business model that I am using, click here to watch a 7 days video series that my mentor is going to explain briefly the whole business model and how to rewarding the laptop lifestyle can be! See you inside.

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