Are You Really Willing To Forfeit Your Freedom For Temporary Security?

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Are you really willing to forfeit your freedom for temporary security?

In a world where the only true constant is change, where in every moment an inevitable transformation takes course, the one essential value every human being remains in pursuit of is security.

But why?

To have security is one of the most critical human needs. According to Abraham Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs Theory, security is a prerequisite that must be met by the human being in order to be motivated to progress in life. It is a safety need which includes personal security, financial security, and security in one's overall health & well being (i.e, having insurance & protection plan would fall under this category).

Security also includes having a sense of stability, guarantee, or certainty. People in general like to be in so called "control" of their circumstances. When security is threatened the individual tends to feel powerless. His or her life appears to fall into danger mode which renders them vulnerable to making mistakes. The person(s) at times makes irresponsible choices in order to bring one's circumstances back into the safety zone they find comfort in.

Don't get me wrong, needing or wanting to feel secure is not a bad thing. Not at all. Who wants to experience uneasiness and instability? Who wants to be financially broke, afraid, without good healthcare, without food or shelter? I'm sure no one does. It's a game of jeopardy no one is excited to play. 

Again, the need for security is not the issue. The problem lies in ones willingness to forfeit a life of freedom just to feel or be secure.

What many of us fail to understand is that security will always be temporary. External security that is. 

External security is a very attractive mirage. That everyone is trying to make real. Yet, circumstances always change. Nothing is set in stone.

The security we should all strive for is internal. Emotional and psychological security is what will carry us through the turbulence we will unavoidably encounter navigating through life. It is this type of security that will enable us to make the clear and precise decisions that allow us experience life in it's entirety. 

Internal security will give us the confidence to try something, fail at it, and try again. 

If we allow our insecurity to win we will never know what freedom feels like. We will be a prisoner to our own fears.  

I was once one of those people that needed to feel secure before anything else. I hardly gave anything a try for fear of making my life harder than it already was.

Until one day I realized my freedom was more important. I had to get my freedom first, then worry about building security later. In order to design the type of life even worth securing the freedom and leisure time to explore, experience and get inspired to create is so important. 

This meant getting rid of my 9-5 job which really didn't give me security any way. At any time someone could fire me unexpectedly and turn my world around just like that. Plus, I had to think about retirement. Would I really be secure in my future, I thought. 

The answer was NO. So I started an online business with the help of my partners to get my freedom back. Its helping me design the lifestyle I've always desired and build the financial leverage needed not only to survive but thrive along my journey. 

So I ask, are you really willing to forfeit your freedom for temporary security? 

If the answer is yes, then guess what? You've foreited your security as well. Any person that gives up his or her right to be free has made themselves a slave to someone or something. They've lost all their decision making power and their is no security in living a life under the control of anything outside of self. Because at any given moment that which is in control of your moves will make a move that can or will interupt your so called security. 

Think about it. 

Take Care,

Justice Earth xoxoxo



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