Work life Change

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Hi my name is Sean and i would like to share with you my thoughts on why i am looking for a Work Life Change.

I commute to London working 70 hours a week as a Design Manager for a Construction firm so this takes up alot of my time and restricts the time i have left with family, friends and my interests. To try and address this problem i started looking at what i could do to use the internet to earn my money knowing it's growing potential with it's 3.7 Billion users and the fact that it works 24-7 it would not require me to be at a certain place for certain amount of time.

While searching on the internet i came across a video of someone who very genuinly described how he had switched from a regular job into an online business with the help of The Six Figure Mentors. I clicked the video link gave my email address and was sent 1 video each day for 7 days which described in clear simple terms how anyone from any background with no previous experience could use the system that has been set up for them to start their own online business.

The co founders in the videos were so genuine and so passionate about their on line business that any concerns of this being a 'scam' or 'get rich quick' scheme were addressed and they made it very clear that it takes work and it is not for everyone but if you want it you can get it.

Obviously i took that opportunity and have started my journey building an online business while still doing the day job and it has been an amazing experience. Aside from the business opportunity this looks at your whole approach to life and what you want to get out of it which clearly can be very diffferent for each of us, so that you think/realise and then plan for what you specifically want to get out of work and more importantly Life. I feel i have already improved my Quality of Life and would like to share this amazing oppertunity with others.

Hopefully this has been of value to you and if you are interested in this exciting opprtunity then please give me any feedback, questions or click the link below to hear more from the SFM founders.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a proffessional and i am simply sharing my personal experiences, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that have helped me.   

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