You have the answers for you! I encourage you to honor your wisdom!

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You have this intuition that is guiding you. You have the answers for you! I encourage you to honor you and your wisdom! Unfortunately in our society we stop listening to our inner self. Sometimes we have strayed so far that we don't even know what this sounds like? So lets go on a journey to rediscover your greatness! 

If you can listen to your body whisper then you won't have to hear it stream!
You and only you are in charge of healing your body. Hiring experts is like getting a clue to a puzzle you are learning. But remember if you go to a locksmith she/he will offer you a key. If you go to a surgeon she/he will offer surgery, choose who you get advise from and listen to your body as you hear their "clue". 

You are your mind, body & soul. Bring all these into one and you will begin to hear the whisper.
Now take your kid self by the hand and be kind on this journey. Step by step together. The best way I have found to calm the mind is to meditate. Just take some quiet time to observe, not control your mind. Let it run like a child, or try to solve some problem it created, while you send your observations thru your body observing sensations in your body. This is more healing then I can describe in this article. Although in a nut shell, our thoughts turn into emotions and turn into sensations in the body. Observing these sensations without labeling them heals!

Joy is worth reconnecting with you in you. Its not outside of you. Joy isn't getting to work on time & you will not find it on vacation. Although, It is everywhere you are. Unfortunetly you can search your whole life but until you go inside you will not find it. Ironically its been with you your whole life. Look around you, you will start seeing who's found it and whos seaching. Help others along their journey. They may have no idea where to find joy. 

You will see others Joy in their eyes if you first know joy in yours. Funny thing is you may not have to change a thing about your life yet it will feel like youve changed everything!