Your own dreams with help from someone else

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Your dreams are yours to fulfill. But sometimes we get help to fulfill them from someone else.Then a dream can be reality or we come full circle with something important to us. This is a true story that has meant a lot to me.

After my blogpost "A better future in mind" I got a comment on a wish to hear more about my trip across the Atantic. So today I like to bring this true story to you. And by the way, I am so greatful for your comments and like to hear from you.

USA is not only Manhattan, right?

I was 19 and wanted to see the world. I went to Greenwich, Connecticut close to New York and took care of kids. Every Saturday I was off work and went into Manhattan. What better way to experience "the World" is there if you are 19 and longing for something different. 

But US is not only Manhatten, right. So a couple of months before I was going home I decided to take a trip with a friend around the states. She ended up not getting time off so I decided to go by myself for 4 weeks and to meet up with another friend in San Franscico to travel with her 1 week back to New York.

My dream to see the world. And off I went....

... My trip went down the east coast, with Washington as a high light. Down to Florida with Miami and Key West, it´s a nice place. Up to New Orleans and San Antonio and meet interesting people and there were so much to see. I visited relatives in Denver. In Gran Canyon I had a car accident and missed the sun set over the Canyon. I and some new people I had met, had planned the hole evening. But we ended up in the police station. It was not a major accident but anyway. By the way- the accident was not my fault ! My trip went on to San Diego and San Francisco. I had a great time with more interesting people and amazing places to see. In San Francisco I met my friend and we started our journey back and came to Seattle.

With the phonenumber in my hand. I dialed.

My grandpa came by boat to Seattle in 1924 and worked on a farm. After a few years he went back to Sweden to marry the girl who became my grandma. Now I, two generations later had crossed the Atlantic not to Emigrate like he did. But I wanted to see and experence the world. And I did.

Now I was in Seattle. I was standing by a payphone. This was the time before mobiles. I had a piece of paper with a phonenumber in my hand. That number had not been used in many many years. I dialed.

Being part of someone´s dream to reconnect

There was an older man answering the phone. I explained, me being the grandchild to his former employee. That he had died but I was on my big trip around the US and my family had asked me to connect with him, in Seattle.

He told me there were so many decades ago he had spoken Swedish and it took a second for him to find the words. But his memories of the time together with me grandpa was vivid. I could hear his language being an old spoken Swedish using words that were outdated but his pronuniciation was perfect.

As I was standing by the payphone talking to this man born and raised in Sweden and knowing he had taken a chance to find a dream across the ocean, I felt warm tears coming down my cheeks. I understood that through the connection I had made it was possible for him to come full circle with his wondering thoughts and maybe longing to the place he came from. A dream to reconnect with a time that had passed and the people he had met at the time. I was the next best thing, with a connection to the people who had meant a lot. His voice cracking up because he was moved and greatfully appreciated my phone call, was not something I had expected.

Your dreams

More then once I have felt I have been a bridge to close a circle or open up someone´s dream with knowing or not I became a piece of the dream. But I was just on my trip- enjoying the journey. But decades later I can tell this story and still be moved. With or without knowing - I´m sure you are touching people in their dreams. Just because you happen to be passing by on your journey of life.

Don´t wait for someone to pass by. Take action on your dreams Go on your journey! Where ever it might lead you, I wish you all the best.

Love to hear a comment from you!

Until next time, Take care


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