The Journey Inside

by Darren McAllister Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing
The Journey inside! I am very lucky that I have the ability to analyse data and review/graph, chart and map out information for reports using Excel. I gained insight into this through an advanced excel course and over time trial and error discovered various shortcuts to enhance my skills and integrated these into the customer and internal management presentations The only problem that I have discovered with this is that I don’t use this valuable information to gain personal wealth but rather use ...
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Get a new job after 50

by Daniel Scherer Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Self Improvement
Introspection At the age of 50, I started wondering what I could do to earn money should I lose my employment. I didn't have specific skills outside my job (I work as a business analyst in a bank) and no real passion to create an income I could live from. The conclusion was that I had to learn something new, something where my age (I'm 54) would not be a disadvantage, something different where I could accept to eventually earn less in a ...
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Are You Out Of Uni With A Job You Don't Want? I Studied photography But Now I've Found A Way To Make It Work For Me. You Can Do The Same.

by Amanda Hook Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Self Improvement
Do you have student debt? About to go to uni but aren't sure? Not in a career you want? Want to find your passion? Have more time to do what you love to do? Want more money and fulfilment? Sign Up Here For A Complimentary Video Series on HOW You Can Change Your Life Being Good At Something Doesn't Mean You Should Be Doing It When I found something I was good at, at school that's all I wanted to do. I loved art but I wasn't amazing ...
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Marketing sur internet - les pièges à éviter

by Daniel Scherer Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Self Improvement
L'économie digitale Alors qu'il devient difficile de trouver un emploi dans l'économie traditionnelle, de nouveaux emplois se créent dans la nouvelle économie, l'économie digitale. De quoi parle-t-on ? En gros, de tout ce qui peut s'acheter et se vendre sur internet. Des produits bien sûr (cadeaux, habits, bijoux), des prestations (réservations de chambres d'hôtel, de transport), de formations en ligne, pour ne citer que quelques exemples. Le potentiel d'internet Ce qu'il y a de magique avec internet, c'est le nombre astronomique de clients potentiels que ...
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Laptop Lifestyle Business for Moms 2018

by Sarah Karlstrom Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Many moms and women today need and want to work. They need to generate additional income to help their families survive and thrive. They also want to work because work makes them feel empowered. At the same time, they need to manage the demands of caring for their families. There is one solution. That is to get a laptop lifestyle. A laptop lifestyle has many important advantages. When moms embrace a laptop lifestyle, they are opening the key to a successful future where they ...
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Have you ever asked yourself why we keep doing the things we don’t want to do?

by Efim Turcanu Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Finance, Health and Fitness, Investing, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
Have you ever asked yourself why we keep doing the things we don’t want to do?      Well it’s all to do with our mind of course, but the good news are that we can change that and is not that hard as it looks like. You can turn your fantasies into a facts same as other people are doing it and are successful.   Everything we do is preceded by am image. We think firs in order to form an image and ...
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How to start in the professional life

by Daniel Scherer Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing
You are between 20 and 25 years old? This is for you! Starting in the professional world, you may just want to receive a salary to pay your bills at the end of the month and hopefully having some holidays here and there, depending on your residual money and the number of days off you kindly receive from your boss, be it a company, a society, someone working on his own or whatever. Your first decision You have just finished your studies or are at the ...
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Trying to start a pension at 40+ ,on minimum wage!!

by Dermot Mc Donough Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Self Improvement
Trying to start a pension at 40+, on minimum wage Hi there, it's Dermot again, and if you are like me, then this article could just be of benefit to you. An Uncertain future I am now 49 and have no pension plan at all. Sometimes that frightens me as I think, how will I survive on the "state" old age pension. I don't want to be a pauper in my old age. The way things are going, when I reach 65 will there stilll be ...
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by MYSCHIKA HAYWOOD Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing
When looking to make a great living online by doing something you love, you could start up a home-based business, but you will need to consider a few important things first. These will include the type of business you want to start, and since its online, how will you go about to marketing it. It will also be important to make sure that your home-based online business is something in demand. Fortunately, there are a number of opportunities that you can take advantage when ...
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Escape The Daily Grind & Start An Online Business From Home.

by Matthew Cooke Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Home Improvement, Investing, Self Improvement
For most, daily life starts with the annoying sound of the alarm clock, the drudgery morning commute, the groundhog effect of office life, working for the weekend and living from pay check to pay check, without really ever enjoying life. Is life really worth that?... For me, The Dalai Lama sums this up to perfection: ” Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does ...
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Initiative Q - A new currency

by Roger Moisan Business, Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Investing, Shopping and Product Reviews
Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of credit cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it's ready they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now (the amount drops as more people join - so better to join early). Signing up is free and they only ask for your name ...
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how i started my online business

by SUSAN AKELLO Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Self Improvement
HOW I STARTED MY ONLINE BUSINESS  I have never thought of owning a big office and being in command, giving instructions to people to do what you want and not what they want. I saw it as rude and manipulative, even working in one of the leading international franchise business worldwide, I didn’t feel satisfied especially moving the management ladder. (This especially happened in my previous bank job working as a supervisor) Something was always missing and I didn’t know what it was ...
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Discover how a 26 year old estate agent created a second income online, whilst still working full-time.

by Matthew Cooke Business, Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Investing, Self Improvement
If you’ve landed on this blog then the chances are you’re intrigued; looking for a change in your life or maybe the opportunity to create a second income? There are five very simple steps to create the same life for yourselves: Have access to a laptop/computer. An internet connection. Be willing to invest a few hours of your time each day. Learn affiliate marketing. Leverage the secrets by the SFM community. What Is Affiliate Marketing? In a nutshell, it’s the practice of recommending a companies products or services ...
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Five very bad reasons not to consider digital marketing

by Daniel Scherer Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing
Are you ambitious about your future lifestyle? Or are you the kind of person to give up at the first fix? 1. I don't have the time I would not say that you can achieve something interesting about digital marketing spending only one hour a week on the topic. But if you are serious, committed, motivated, you can achieve a lot with ten to 15 hours a week.  Not enough time? Think a little bit of the time you spend watching tv, mostly movies ...
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5 Daily Steps To Success In 2018

by Matthew Cooke Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Self Improvement, Writing and Speaking
We are living in the digital age where we now have more information available to us than ever. There’s almost an infinite number of ideas and resources available at the tip of our keyboard, and the information is not just presented in writing. On a daily basis we can access podcasts, vlogs, videos, audio recordings and follow our role models on social media. So how do you set up your life on your own terms, have the freedom to work from ...
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Investing in rental property without the hassle

by Roger Moisan Business, Finance, Investing
With the Brexit looming and a 'no deal' on the horizon, the Chancellors Autumn statement in November is unlikely to provide any stimulus or confidence for investors. As a business owner the question for me is where do I place my mid to long term investments particularly with regards to retirement planning.  Well my friends, the best solution is as ever, bricks and mortar. But not the old way of investing. Buying a rental property and hoping to get a decent ...
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How to get multiple income streams

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing
How can you get multiple income streams?  When you start an online business, you may want to get multiple income streams. Maybe you want to spread your risk-taking, or maybe you want to have faster money, while you are working on the larger money. You don´t know which business is the best, or the best for you. It can be a lot of different reasons why you want to have multiple income streams.  Earn money online, whats Your Passion?  To earn money online ...
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Money does grow in streams: 12 Untapped ways to let it flow!

by Sebrena Ewald Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing
When I first discovered affiliate marketing, a light bulb when off in my head, Yes! I knew instantly this was the answer I was looking for. After some research, I quickly found combining a few other passive income streams could drastically increase earnings and accelerate financial goals. These days finding a secure job is difficult, especially when you hit 40, kids, family, bills, relocated to a new country; even if you’ve just finished graduate school it’s not a guarantee for success ...
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MY RECIPE FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS -A guide for lost entrepreneurs to get back on track.

by MYSCHIKA HAYWOOD Internet and Businesses Online, Investing, Self Improvement
“ONLY I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE” -CAROL BURNETT   I was doing my laundry (not cooking) this morning while listening to an inspirational video by Oprah Winfrey on YouTube, where she was talking about how everything is possible, living in the now and being grateful and so on. And the thought flashed across my mind of how simply the steps are in achieving financial success and how much we are already aware of them. But yet, still we flipping ignore and procrastinate towards achieving ...
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Scam, fear, doubts?

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Investing, Self Improvement
Is it a scam?  When you see a possibility, an offer of something, an offer to get money for example. How do you react? Do you think "Is it a scam?" And then you decide, that it is the best to continue doing the same that you did yesterday and the day before that?  The fear of a scam, and maybe also, reactions and doubts from other people, make you continue with your old life.  When you dream of something, anything, a better ...
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