3 Proven Signs That You Are Deeply Unfulfilled In Your Nine To Five

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Truth be told, a fair share of folks only goes to their nine to five jobs
because of two reasons. One, they are desperate and need money to pay their
bills and second, because they want to fit in. If you aren’t sure about how
you feel about your nine to five, here are three signs you can look at:

You Don’t Work Overtime

One of the most obvious signs that you are deeply unfulfil in your job is
ducking overtime. If you love your job, it's only normal that you’d want to
put in more hours and therefore earn more. But if you find yourself always
waiting for the five o’clock alarm to go off, then you are definitely in
the wrong job and need to get out. Apart from avoiding overtime, you’ll
always be unwilling to carry out tasks out of your job description.

You Hate Mondays with A Passion

If you find yourself always complaining about Mondays, then chances are that
you just don’t like your nine to five. This is simply because if you love
your job, you would always look forward to another productive week at work.
Another one of the signs that you are deeply unfulfil in your job is when
you’re unwilling to get out of bed especially on the said Mondays. You’ll
also realize that it’s always easier for you to get out of bed when it’s
the weekend, but never on Mondays.

You’re Constantly Irritated at Work

Another one of the most important signs that you are deeply unfulfil in
your job is when you find yourself constantly irritated. Sometimes you
won't even know what exactly is irritating you but you’ll always be
irritated nonetheless. From your co-workers all the way to your boss,
you’ll always find something nasty to say about them.

You’ll also find it easier to make friends with other colleagues especially
those who share your exact sentiments. And as such, it wouldn’t be unusual
for you and your likeminded colleagues to always huddle up on a Friday
night at a dingy club bad-mouthing the boss or management as a whole.

Final word

If you ever find yourself experiencing any of the above issues, then its
time for you to call it quits. Leaving your nine to five can be a difficult
thing for anyone especially if that’s the only source of income. Therefore,
it would be a good idea for you to draft a working plan before leaving so
that you don’t end up flat footed.

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