How To Fund The Education Of Your Future

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Want a form of education but not sure how to get the funds to pay for It? Worried about job prospects without it? No-one should have educational opportunities taken away from then due to lack of funding...


...I'm here to tell you how at 20 years old with NO credit history I got a 25k loan with 11%APR!

Firsts things first I went into my local bank. I set up a meeting for a week later and was told I needed a business plan, cash flow forecast and 6 months of banks statements. Turns out I was looking for a personal loan NOT a business loan as the money was for an education course, to start a business, so none of that (which I spent hours on can I just say) was necessary. Great start!

The look of shock on the ladies face when I said I was after 25k with the added comment of 'Oh I didn't think it'd be that much.' Was also not all...her face was pretty much similar to this...


But I kept my cool. Then with the loan amount I wanted under my account name with all my details in place I was informed that the APR was the HIGHEST is possibly could be meaning it would more then likely get denied. 


Briefly I was absolutely devastated however I knew there would be another way. Two days before my meeting I applied through Tescos loans online for my loan. I applied under 'other' for reasoning. Low and behold on my way back from my bank meeting in Hove I got a call from Tescos. Here's, to how best I can remember, the call went. 

Tescos man-'I was calling up about your Tescos loan. How much was it you applied for again?'


Tescos man-'Okay great.'


Tescos man-'What is the loan for?'

Me-*prepares my whole speech in my head. Gets out all my paper work, stats, statistics, the lot*-'its an online digital marketing course...'

Tescos man-'Oh so it's educational? Great! Here at Tescos we LOVE giving out loans for educational purposes.'

...and then the rest is history! Currently today I've just signed and sent off the loan forms.

It's all very exciting! I hope this has been some help to you. If you liked this post go follow me on Instagram and comment below! Id love to hear your journey.

Over and out,

Hayley x 

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