How To Be An Investor... Start Now

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Let say you are interested to be an investor. Smart move because good investing is a great way to end financial struggle, and gain financial freedom
As the famous author Robert Kiyosaki quotes: To obtain financial freedom, one must be either a business owner, an investor, or both generating passive income on a monthly basic
And it is not difficult to be an investor however, it’s easy to talk about investment than to make it happen, I am not trying this to discourage you in any way, but I am only trying to guide you so that you will not make mistakes that will cost you money, and time
So, let begin with how to be a good investor? To be a good investor you must know about investment, you must know how to invest when to invest when to pull back from investment, what to invest in, and what not to invest in
Important: You must train your mind to manage setbacks, and not to see a setback as disappointment or failing but to see it as lessons of growth to be better next time
You must have an investor mindset e.g., you must know that you need money to make money, ’s not every cent you invest will make you money
And if you are the type who is scared to lose money, I highly recommend that you should not be an investor because losing money is part of it.
I am not saying that you should be taking unnecessary risks while investing because unnecessary risks will break you, you just have to know how to manage risk while investing
Making an investment is not risky at all, but it is risky for you to invest if you don’t know how to investment
According to Robert Kiyosaki, a businessman, an investor quotes in one of his book Cashflows Quadrant “Investment is a game you need to master”
The book Cash Flow Quadrant shifted my thoughts about investment, and I highly recommend that you read this book before starting any kind of investment
If you are truly serious about being an investor my advice to you is to invest in yourself first, learn the skills of how-to invest.
Ready the book Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. Play the game Cash Flow Quadrant also created by Robert Kiyosaki
The game is fun, I play it with my husband every Sunday to learn about how to invest. And you can down this game on the play store app
Follow some inventors on social media to know what they are doing, and how they are doing it. Listen to economic news, read books about investment, and look for the right people who can teach you the skills you need to be a good investor
Conclusion: Invest in yourself first to become an investor before starting to invest in anything else
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