Scam, fear, doubts?

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Is it a scam? 

When you see a possibility, an offer of something, an offer to get money for example. How do you react? Do you think "Is it a scam?" And then you decide, that it is the best to continue doing the same that you did yesterday and the day before that? 

The fear of a scam, and maybe also, reactions and doubts from other people, make you continue with your old life. 

When you dream of something, anything, a better job, more money, more free time, a better house or whatever. When you dream, you can have guts! But when the train comes, the opportunity stands in front of you for 2 minutes, you see the hurdles. The fear strikes and tells you it is a scam, this can not be true, this can not end well, this is not that easy that it sounds, and more like that. 

It takes courage to be an entrepreneur

Yes, to be an entrepreneur requires courage. Courage to take the moment in your hand. To jump on the train, to do, and not to think too much. When we stand there with the dream in front of us, then we suddenly start to THINK too much. These doubts, these fears, and these devils on the shoulders. 

Is it a real fear? What can you lose? 

Maybe it is a little too good to be true? Maybe it isn´t that easy that it sounds at first. But what can you lose? Can you lose money? Time? Friends? Your life? 
Probably not your friends and your life. Maybe time, and maybe money. But don't we lose money on the wrong things every day. The chocolate bar? Necessary? Probably not. The book could maybe be loaned at the library. 

Can you lose your dream? 

If you DON´T take the step if you don't take the chance, what can you lose? Your dream? Isn't that far worse, than lose some money? I think we rather often buy things, that we want. A small kind of dream. This painting is really nice on my wall. Or I just want these glasses. And it can be that perfect that we thought, and it can not. 

But why do we hesitate when it comes to our real dreams, that is about our selves. Our lives? Strange isn't it! 

Is it time to invest in the company "you"? 

Invest in yourself, in your real dream. Not in things. In you, your future. I have a friend that now stop her work for half a year to write a book! Wonderful! That is a really good investment in herself! I am very happy for her. 

What will you invest in? 

Yourself or things? 

I hope you invest in YOU!

Love from Anette

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