The Wallet Process

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Imagine if you could simply change your thoughts to bring more abundance into your life.

Money can be a contentious subject for a lot of people, many of us have learned negative beliefs about money from our parents.  But it is possible to change your attitude towards it.  

Money Money Money

Let's say you want more money, who doesn't want more money?! When you focus on the lack of money rather than the presence of it, even if there are things that you desire, then you create a gap between you and it.  You see, every subject is actually two subjects - the things you want and the lack of the things you want.  

The Wallet Process is a helpful technique that will get you to focus positively on the subject of money.  If you practice the Wallet Process you can change your vibration to one of allowing money into your life instead of pushing it away.

Here is a simple 3 step process:

1.  First, you need to get yourself a £50 note (or equivalent depending on which country you are in).  Put it in your wallet and keep it there.  Whenever you go to pick up your wallet you will remember that the £50 note is there and you are effectively sowing new thought seeds.

2.  When you go out, if you happen to walk past shops and restaurants let them fire up your imagination.  Enjoy the feeling of seeing things that you would like to buy with your £50.  But don't spend it, at least not yet.  You see, each time you think about spending it, you are receiving positive vibrations that are connected to money and this is where you want to be.  You will then be in a better vibration for receiving money.

3.  If you do this over and over, you will change your point of attraction and start attracting money instead of the lack of it.

You've got to feel to make it real!

The point here is to feel abundant - this is the key to turning your situation around.  There are many more processes in the book 'Ask and it is Given' which can help you when you need to change your vibration.

As Esther and Jerry Hicks said "You have to feel good about great abundance before you will allow the pleasure of great abundance into your experience".

Tip:  When your thoughts return to lack of money which they probably will because that is what minds do, keep tipping the scales back towards the side of abundance.  And this practice is great for forming new thought habits!

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Til next time, go well!

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