Jan Olof Nilsson

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Originally from Sweden but have lived the main part of my life abroad and since 10 years ago in Mexico. As a typical baby boomer, I live the laptop lifestyle since some years ago and enjoy life in full and can combine a digital life with my other passion which is marathon running. Love to help people to find the right mixture of their passions and live the life of your dreams. After a long business career within different industries and on various management positions, the business environment has gone through a dramatic change. In my early years, telex and sometimes even telegrams and written post letters were the most common ways of communication. The telefax was a "revolution" at that time, and we started to speed up the communication in business. With the internet, the communication now has reached a whole new dimension, but not only communication as such but also our purchase habits. As entrepreneurial thinking people, we are now taking all to a new business level. With all the experience gained over the years to deliver results to different corporations, it is now time to reward ourselves as we deserve with all knowledge and experience.