Jillana Raye

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My mission is to help you tap into your innate capacity for greatness, overcome fear and self-doubt, step outside your comfort zone, go for your big dream, and live life to your fullest potential.

I am a 50-something woman with 2 grown children and a wonderful boyfriend. I enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and generally all things outdoors. My lifestyle allows for summers in Alaska and partial winters in South America where wine-making and beach walking takes over!

Raising children and dabbling in self-employment kept me busy until I realized that, as I approach retirement, I have no investments or 'nest-egg' that will allow me to retire comfortably. At age 47, I got a corporate job with a reasonable retirement but the reality is I would have to work at a job that doesn't excite or fulfill me until I'm 70 or longer before I could retire.
After researching the options, I chose a company that aligns with my values. I was, and continue to be impressed with the thorough training program, comprehensive system set-up, and most importantly, the philosophy and integrity of the company and it's founders. I have been incredibly grateful and have found much value in being a part of a Community where I can connect with and glean wisdom from like-minded individuals who started in the same place as I did and have gone on to build lives of freedom and financial success.

With technology advancing more rapidly than any time in history, I made the right decision to begin re-skilling now through this training program and business model. The internet presents vast opportunities for entrepreneurship to anyone willing to work hard and believe in their dream. Now is the time to develop a new skillset that will allow you to be relevant in the marketplace of tomorrow.

There is a lot to learn but the company's 'earn while you learn' business model, flagship courses and mentorships are designed to help you lay the proper foundation for success.

There is no such thing as Get Rich Quick. But with persistence and consistency, success will come.

"True change requires you to go beyond your known self. Beyond the stories of your life. Beyond the excuses that have held you back and tap into that realm where your higher vision exists. It's already here! The same place the Oak lives before it emerges from that tiny acorn. It doesn't matter whether you feel inadequate, lacking, or not up to the task. Just as the mighty Oak emerges out of a tiny chunk of carbon when the conditions and the soil are right, so too will your destiny of greatness emerge when you cultivate the soil of your soul."
~ Derek Rydall

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