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You know how moms often feel stretched in more ways than one and often settle for a job and lifestyle they would rather not be doing to ensure their kids have a life they deserve?

Well, I am a laptop lifestyle coach helping moms create a plan b or plan a income stream so that they can have more time and options. I live in Ottawa-Gatineau with my husband and three boys.

Why stay in a life you think you have to follow? Why stay unfulfilled, overworked and underpaid?

What if I told you that you don't have to settle? What if I told you that it didn't have to be that way?

Well, that's what I'm passionate about! I'm driven to help mom's like me see that they don't have to settle and instead help to realize their potential and move into a truly fulfilling life.

To do this, I help you to develop the skills you need to turn that idea or fledgling business into a viable online laptop lifestyle business in the thriving digital economy.

It's your time. It's time to stop making excuses. It's time to consistently carve out a little time a day to move towards a fulfilling life, to design the life you desire, whatever that might look like for you!

Briefly, my income generating interests include real estate investment, value investing, holistic health and helping moms who are home business start-ups and or new to network marketing to leverage digital systems and build a business through plugging into the power of youtube, blogging, and other no to low cost marketing strategies.

Personally, I also enjoy traveling, meeting new people, biking, running, reading new books and taking naps!

If you would like to know what's helping me to transition from being a full-time senior financial analyst and certified accountant to my desired laptop lifestyle, then visit my blog here on digital bloggers called "Living a Laptop Lifestyle" or you can visit my website at

To your success and joy!
JoAnne Mbonigaba
Freedom Mompreneur by Design, helping mom's design a digital life so that they can enjoy more fulfillment, time and options.