Kelly Black

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I'm lucky enough to call the exquisite depths of the South Island of New Zealand Home! A stunning place to live, and a stunning place to explore. Yes... I love the wild places. Where the sounds you can hear are not man made and the freedom you can feel is totally liberating.
I'm a deeply passionate about diving in, and truly experiencing this crazy adventure of life... in ALL its entirety. This is a large reason why I have found my way here, to Digital Bloggers. I do believe we are all in this together and as the saying goes; 'no one gets out alive'! Sharing our journeys inevitable help ourselves, and in turn, us as a collective. And importantly put us in a community of connecting, and learning. I feel we are not designed to be playing this game alone, and I for sure have learnt the most about myself, and my operating patterns, when I honestly and openly connect with others.
For me, aligned with this, is the needed ‘rebalance’ of the predominant current culture of selling our time.
How can we fully dive into life, deeply connect with others and truly grow into our potential if we lack the time to invest?
I believe this culture of using our time as a commodity to trade has well past its used by date. Our time is our own to own... Too precious to trade.
My aim with being here is to share my learnings on my path back to owning my own time! And in doing so, opening the door to connect and learn with others from this inspirational community. We need more communities in this world that connect honestly, from the heart.