Build positive bridges for future

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More often do media and society talk about the importance to take ONG into consideration in forming a better future.  At times when religion and politician and even the work industry has lost interest and faith, is the time to listen to the volunteers the organization working to the good of mankind without interset. 

One of our ONG is Bbeabridge that has been working in Sweden since 2013 when you have an ONG you have the right to talk to all people, and the community says, Hannika Oberg founder of this Nonprofit organization. This is a special thing and what we have found during these four years we have been in action is that the communication is the biggest issue and the biggest problem. 

Humans and the society in whole communicate too little. Another very important thing we have seen when we have reached out to all communities in Sweden on three occasions is that people don´t take action. It looks like the massive amount of communication now available thanks to computers now has put society in more isolation. Each one finds his or her community online and in the local communication, there are fewer people available. 

We are lucky to have one of the most popular profile with us as a Godmother in Bbeabridge and that is a privilege. This old lady at an age of 105 years old stand for what society most needs. Openness.

What is true is that we have got so confused in the sea of possibilities that no one seems to act, people often tell me as a president of two ONG. "-For what sense, there are so many organizations out there." When I hear these statements over and over again I have come to understand the deepest hopelessness in the Soul of many, continue Hannika. My answer is always, the same as Dagny Carlsson, Don´t give up! If there were enough help out there we would have a perfect World right. 

All of us are special and each one can do something for the others, the easiest and perhaps most important is just to SMILE, build in positive!  There is no use of being a coach screaming SWIM FASTER! for example, if the person doesn't know how to swim. We have to get closer to each other in this Century, start with a smile, hello, what´s your name.

Learning essential things for this Century, Networking, social competence, IT Technology, personal branding and other many things. 

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