Follow Your Dreams And Dare To Start Something New!

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My eldest son graduated from university today as Bachelor of Film TV and New Media.

When he first finished high school he wanted to go to university and study software engineering, as he was good at science subjects in school and thought if he studied in this you have a good chance of getting a well-paid job. 

After a year in, he decided it wasn’t for him and wanted to change direction. It took him a couple of weeks to have the courage to tell me because he was afraid of my reaction that he was giving up and for wasting a whole year. And to be honest I did think that in the beginning. But he told me that this engineering degree was giving him a lot of stress as a lot of stuff went over his head and his heart was not in it. It almost killed his spirit and it changed his personality from being stressed out all the time. 

He decided to completely change direction and study Film TV and New Media. This was the best decision he made. It was right up his alley and he met a lot of like-minded creative people. For anyone who knows him, he is a funny, always smiling, never boring, outgoing, smart guy who loves to make YouTube clips. He hasn’t had much time lately but there are a few funny ones on there from when he was younger as well. Especially the one where he does a skit on Gary Vee got a lot of viewers. At the time he made it, I didn’t even know who Gary Vee was. As an entrepreneur, it all makes sense to me now.

Of course I am proud that he graduated from university today, but what I am most proud of is that he decided for himself to change direction and that you have to follow your dreams and not do what other people expect from you. 

I have always wanted to start my own business online but I never knew how and also it was expected from me (mostly by myself) to find this high paid accounting job after finishing university myself. 

The lesson my son taught me was:


I am so glad I listened to my gut and started my online business and that I am now in the position where I can help others to do the same.





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