Fuss about LOVE

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Hello Dear Woman !
LOVE  - what does it mean to you ? Is it a warm feeling about your beloved ones, your children, husband, partner, world…..?
It a Valentine’s Day – cheesy day, but … still a good reminder and a good opportunity to sit down and think what does LOVE exactly mean to me.

Do I love myself ? Do I look with love in my eyes at myself and others? Do I feel love in my heart? Are there different types of love ? Why love is important to me ? Why is so much fuss about LOVE.

I have no idea about you. Just wanted to share this thought with you : I have learnt very important thing in my just-about-to-be 40 years old life – the person I should and could love the most is ME – myself.
Once I feel LOVE to myself I am unstoppable. I can share it , give it to others : to my husband, parents, children, neighbour.

Love is pure. Love is natural state of our lives. It is Alfa and Omega, it is Yin and Yang. It is everything. It is my POWER. It is Me and YOU. So simple and so beautiful… The BEST.

Do you agree ?  

Looking forward hearing from you Dear Woman. 

Love, Aleks

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