How Can We Overcome Anxiety - For You And The Whole Family

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How Can We Overcome Anxiety

  • By getting to the source of the problem!!
  • Begin by practising Mindfulness as a family.

We recommend that you practice Mindfulness yourself first with these everyday exercises:

Exercise 1 – Meditation:

You can calm your nervous system down by Meditating just five minutes a day. Just like after you have exercised, you feel empowered, calmer, and more centred.

Some people get put off by the thought of Meditation, believing it to be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.
Take some of the doubtful thoughts away by changing your state of mind, and seeing Meditation as a positive, opening yourself up to the idea of it.
You can visit our Root 2 Mindfulness Youtube channel for Guided, Relaxing Meditations for the whole family.

How Can We Overcome Anxiety - Though A Mindfulness Way Of Living

Exercise 2 – Be active:

Physical activity is a massive thumbs up for relaxing your mind; it sends awesome happy hormones like endorphins into your body, creating positive action and thoughts.
If physical activity isn’t yet apart of your life, commit to exercising at least 30 minutes, five times a week. You will feel refreshed, vitalised and much more confident to push through anxiety. It’s also highly effective in combatting depression.
Some of the benefits of exercising and Meditation include;

- Your sleeping will improve
- An Increase in your immune system, which helps ward off sickness and nasty illnesses - that is Mental and Biological.
- A huge Endorphine boost - which gives you lots of positive energy and outlooks
- Social Atmosphere - connecting to others who are just like you!
- Can take away any unwanted fears and insecurities that you have about yourself

How Can We Overcome Anxiety - Though Mindful Riding

Exercise 3 – Be present:

When we sat in a waiting room, a queue, or just walking, sitting. We can find ourselves being swept up in a wave of emotion, creating all sorts of negative stories we tell ourselves. Your mind could be racing with a to-do list you need to complete or gossip which is going around in work, or a deadline, maybe a test. – this society has us anxious about all the things in our life, and It’s so darn unfair!

What we need to do when this happens is, notice these thoughts that keep occurring, and bring yourself back to the present moment. Being aware of all your surrounding, using all your senses to keep you present at the moment. Take a deep breath, smell, listen, look, feel and examine all life that’s around you, and all the feelings you are feeling at that moment.

Try to focus on the bigger picture and not fixate or obsess over one thing or thought. Then ask yourself will the problems you have now mean anything to you, in a day, a week or a few months?
The great thing is that we can rise above all of this fear and create a better and more fulfilling life for ourselves.

Once you’re feeling more at peace in yourself, it’s time to start talking about Mindfulness with your children.

Exercise 4 – Find out about Mindfulness/Meditation in Schools.

Some schools around the world have incorporated Mindfulness/Meditation into the curriculum; your children might now be familiar with the method. And if they are asking them questions about it, to see what they already know will be helpful to you. They may have some Mindfulness exercises they have done in school, or maybe never heard of it, which is excellent too. They get to discover how to relax their minds and be happier within who they are!

At Root 2 Mindfulness, we think it’s essential that people get to know themselves and we believe it's the most important thing. As knowing yourself will be what gets you far in your life, to success, fulfilment to less pain, to a greater understanding of your life!

Maybe you can go into your child’s school and inquire about Mindfulness, and see if they have or are applying it to lessons. Mindfulness is the future as it's a fabulous way to settle down your thoughts and discover the real you.

Root 2 Mindfulness wants to start bringing Mindfulness into schools, universities and workplaces all around the globe, let’s do this mission together!

How Can We Overcome Anxiety - Though A Mindfulness Way Of Living

Exercise 5 – Teach your children how their minds and bodies change.

It will be fun to get to know your mind and body with your children, and you will be able to teach them about how powerful thoughts are and how they can change the way that you live.

It's necessary to be present in our bodies. To be within the moment and not doing so much, all at once. If you're eating food, then be present when eating, don't distract ourselves with phones or try to do other things. Solely concentrating on what you're doing.

It helps children to understand that staying focused and be grateful for what they are doing is the best route to enjoyment. Try a mindfulness eating exercise, and see if they notice a difference when they are solely focused on the taste and texture of what they are eating.

Exercise 6 – Now Explain to them how their bodies impact their minds.

Explain to them how their bodies can help them through their nutrition, their wellbeing, what they put into their minds will manifest into their body. When they are going through difficult times being patient and understanding of their feelings will help them in piecing together feelings they aren’t sure how to deal with. Your body is an important tool which keeps us alive and well, treating it with lots of TLC will allow peace and positive energy into your system. If you treat your body like you do your child - a beautiful being in need of lots of love and the right attention, then you will live in a happier self.

– Feeling angry/mad/confused?

Learn how to control the breath. Noticing how breathing in deep and out long just Six times can help us settle our emotions and be able to deal with the situation or complicated feelings more calmly.

– Feeling anxious/ worried/ troubled?

Stand up straight, look up, bring yourself back to centre and practice some Power poses that can help you and your children feel more confident. You can all have fun practising new superhero poses that will lift your state!

– Feeling sad/low/upset?

Turning your frown upside down will literally change the chemicals in your brain. Understanding that smiling even when you feel terrible will instantly make you feel better, as you begin to look more on the positive side of the magnet. Smiling can release good feelings, even when we are in a challenging or stressful situation. Or, try giving lots of hugs to give your body lots of happy hormones!

– Feeling envy/bitterness/ resentment?

Practice the meaning of gratitude. Be persistent in being thankful and joyful about the everyday things that we are doing from small things to big things. Be aware of how appreciating life also means, giving back to life, and therefore life will give back to you.

Exercise 7- Try some visualisation to help soothe nerves.

Practising Mindfulness Visualisation can help with our performance, including dealing with the stress and anxiety that sometimes comes with sports, competitions or academics.

For example, let’s say you or your child is nervous about running a cross country race/ or going to start your new job.
Start to visualise success (i.e. crossing the finish line, or completing the first day at your new job) can help us achieve positive results. Ask yourself and your child to imagine what it will feel like when your goal is reached.

Or, you can use this technique to calm down your fears, say if you are going on holiday and need to go on a plane, and you’re scared of heights. Visualise yourself when you reach your destination, picture yourself there with a cold drink, in the pool, or walking into your beautiful hotel room. Visualising is powerful and can help minimise fears/ nerves.


Life is short and should be beautiful. Focusing on Mindfulness within the family unit will create a powerful, bright, and rewarding family life where bonds and kindness thrive.

Be You 
Be True 

Rachael Iris 

Try some visualisation to help soothe nerves

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