Mindfulness In The Workplace

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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Have peace of mind at work - get rid of unwanted stress and worry.


The workplace can be a source of stress and overwhelm for many of us.  From intense personality differences to heavy workloads to unrealistic superiors – it can be a lot for anyone to deal with!  Distractions like noises, background chatter, emails, phone calls, and text messages only make it more challenging to concentrate, let alone complete any tasks.  That is unless you practice mindfulness on the daily.

Mindfulness in the workplace is definitely becoming more common.  Even Forbes magazine and The New York Times have featured articles on the topic.  Many such articles promote mindfulness as a means of becoming a better and more effective leader.  Others focus on the practice’s effects on productivity, performance, and morale.

When we practice mindfulness and carry it into the workplace, we are able to more fully absorb the information that is thrown at us, better retain that information, and it helps in retrieving that information at a later time.  This is because it enables us to be fully present and consciously aware of whatever experience we are having, even if it is filled with a lot of distractions.


Often the buzz of the workplace itself can be overwhelming, which can trigger all different kinds of emotions within us.  Our actions and decision-making abilities tend to be heavily influenced by the intense emotions that we may experience on the job, like anger, frustration, and general distress.  So, developing our emotional intelligence and working on our mindfulness can help us to make better decisions and respond more appropriately.

One Forbes article recommends refraining from sending replies to emails until you feel what they call “C3” – clear, calm, and confident.  Processing your emotions in a healthy way, followed by removing emotion from your reaction, helps to avoid self-doubt and inappropriate or intense responses that may have negative consequences.  Additionally, trying to understand a situation from someone else’s perspective can also help to formulate the best plan of action for handling tricky interpersonal communication.


Mindfulness can also provide you with the perfect toolbox for navigating situations with difficult bosses or co-workers.  When we practice mindfulness, we are training ourselves to be fully present in any given circumstance while remaining free from judgement.  Imagine being able to interact with these challenging personalities without emotion clogging your actions!  You remain in control of yourself far easier when you begin incorporating mindfulness exercises and knowledge to your daily life.


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