Mindset Sunday Week#3 - 5 lessons to why Patience is a skill You Require to be successful in life.

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As a child growing up, I never found myself being that impatient or at least that's what I remember. In fact, it seems to feel as if it had always been part of my DNA.

So the question I have…….. Is patience acquired naturally or is it a skill that is somehow learnt over time?

If we cast our minds back to a time when we had our Mums and Dads telling us "be patient", and how many times have you heard that famous saying, "good things come to those who wait." Huh, what does that mean mummy?

But as a child, we never fully understood what either of those things actually meant.
The reason for that is that our parents or guardians never taught us the meaning of patience or ever had the time to fully show us by example. But if you think about it, it's been that way for generations! I found myself doing the same to my daughter, telling her to be patient at times when fully knowing she had no idea of what it meant or how to act on it.
So we end up growing up still not having really mastered the skill of patience.

So my conclusion is, patience is found naturally in us all. We have just not been shown its meaning or how to hone its power.

"Patience is the only true foundation on which to make one’s dreams come true." - Franz Kafka.

Here are 5 lessons you can practice and then teach to those who may require the guidance. It will calm the mind and help you better understand its power when it comes to making those important decisions, whether it be in your business or everyday life.

The first step to developing more patience comes through mindful self-awareness. This involves becoming aware of your reactions and responses to people, events and circumstances. Impatience can often manifest as a slight discomfort and agitation and your body may display many different signs from this. These signs may be not being present and mindful of the situation, your mind may begin to wonder and think ahead of itself. This may cause you to feel a little anxious and frustration eventually ensues. At that moment, it’s important that you stay mindful of your thoughts and reactions. Just observe and be there within the moment.

Before speaking in a heated situation, the subject of mindfulness comes back in to play. The old saying, "Count to ten" really can work. It gives you a chance to remember what really matters to you—blowing off steam or finding an effec­tive solution. If counting to ten doesn’t work, Keep counting!

Find an inspirational quote, one that you can put on your computer, on your bath­room mirror, in your car or on your phone. When you find patience slipping, read it for an immediate booster shot. "Inspirational Quotes."

In a world where instant gratification is everywhere, parents or even just yourself may need to purposefully delay some things for no other reason but to teach patience. If your son or daughter wants a new puppy, there may be no real reason for them not to have it straight away. But waiting for Christmas or their birthday may teach them that they can wait for things that matter.

Patience means the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed, anxious, able to wait calmly with self-control.

This means restraining irritability – no eye-rolling, raising your voice or muttering curses. If you’re anxious, listen to soothing music, or an audiobook. The practice of Meditation could provide you with the power to hone the skill of patience too. Be self-aware. “Remain patient with your co-workers or even your own children". It’s difficult when you’re in a rush for an appointment and they’re dawdling or having a tantrum but this is exactly when you need to remain calm. Laughter helps when things don't go according to plan. Problem-solve out loud when things become stressful, verbalise your thoughts. This can prove very useful around your children who may enjoy the teamwork of helping you find solutions.

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