How To Tame Your Toddlers Tantrums!

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Hi there!

So today I decided to do a video blog aka vlog! Just because I really didn't have the time to write! It's amazing how quickly a video blog can be done!!

I spent weeks writing my last blog Top 10 Tips For Mums With Newborns which fair enough was ridiculously long, but I typed it up in the nooks and crannies of time that I just about had!

So it dawned on me to this time do a vlog and bish bash bosh, t'was done in minutes!! Why did I not think of this months ago?!!

So below's post is about the acronym HALT and how you can use it to disfuse your toddler's tantrums! And possibly your stresses too!!

Click on the pic of me below to watch my video!

Bye for now, Lisa x

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