When Life Gets Tough

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When Life Gets Tough

When you’ve stepped out of the comfort zone and you’ve headed up that fearful mountain to your ultimate goal, or at least one of them. Your mind is interested in each incentive, in each step toward this achievement. The passion is overloaded with pressure, it's like the shoes are becoming weaker and worn as you keep climbing. You can see the top of the mountain, the peak looks like the most beautiful view you would ever see, but the pressure keeps pushing and the strain is overpowering your mind. Which in turn takes its toll on your body and upsets your mental capacity to see positive anymore. This once goal is now looking blurry, the meaning and purpose seem to have cracked as your belief is fading. Your vision of this once amazing venture has now turned to a sour whisper in your mind, a bleak misdirection.

The voices inside your mind are turning from this high energy, positive driven state of flow to a whimpering coward, we fell victim and begin to want the need for attention, deepening our insecurities and self-doubt. The voices become louder and each step becomes heavier. Until we’ve lost track of everything, we search so desperately for another alternative, for a different path.

Sometimes this situation can awaken our biggest daemons, and then we have more fear and darkness to face. These challenges may seem impossible, we can feel inferior and out of control, our unhelpful mindset will begin to question our own beliefs and capabilities.

When these situations occur, we can freeze, we can turn selfish and bitter, we can give up or we can learn from our mistakes, our suffering and we can push forward by simply taking the net step that is the right thing to do.

At this stage were so consumed by our own thoughts we need to find our light to bring us out of that cycle and place us back onto that mountainside with suffering and fear in each hand. We need to accept and understand that of course life isn’t easy, and especially if you’re trying to achieve something so important to you, the demands will be high but you can accomplish these events and with each small step, will turn into each milestone, until your ultimate goal is reached. The blood, sweat and tears are worth it in the end so you can stand tall at the top of that mountain and say I actually did it!!  

Contact me at www.root2mindfulness.com to learn how I escaped those darkest feelings and found my goal in the external world and also in my internal world.

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