LORD TOPH Ross Allen

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LORD TOPH is the Founder & CEO of Monte CrisToph Multimedia, StarField Stories Publishing (a childrens literature publishing company) and Lord Toph Art.
*** In addition, LORD TOPH is a proud affiliate of The Six Figure Mentors.

He has integrated art music and literature to serve as a fully functional production and publishing entity to cater works and services to an expansive diversified market.
Through each aspect and sub entity of Monte CrisToph Multimedia, LORD TOPH painstakingly developed and planned a creative and multifaceted entity to appeal to a vast industry. Aside from his extensive body of work in art, music and literature, he has consciously broadened the product spectrum in each branch of his company.
An accomplished visual artist; LORD TOPH began painting and drawing at the age of three and continued throughout his formative years. He received his formal training in the visual arts at the Memphis Academy of Arts (now known as the Memphis College of Arts) in Memphis, Tennessee. There, he majored in painting and design and developed his skills as a painter and a visual design conceptualist.
He has had many exhibitions of his works prior to and succeeding his formal training as a visual artist (private showings, group shows, solo exhibitions, etc.). His work has been published in an assortment of magazines, news articles and periodicals.
In 2010, LORD TOPH founded the fine art style, Empathicism. His theory, technique and style has been summarized and published by World Wide Art Books, where he has been recognized and praised as an international contemporary master of fine art.

World Wide Art Books - https://issuu.com/despina2/docs/wwab_volume_8

Lord Toph Art (www.lordtophart.com) which has previously been a web domain to showcase his various visual works is now being revamped as a private fine art boutique designed for the exclusive representation and the visual works of LORD TOPH and a small nestful of exceptionally unique artists.
As an author, LORD TOPH has written several books in various genres ranging from short story to novel length. The Tears She Brought from Russia, Reveries of Romance & Sentiment, Poetry for Yoonsil, Five Old Wives Tales, Dillinger Comes to Dinner, Fuzzy McKenzie, & Marvin in the Kooky Spooky House, are merely a select few works from his literary repertoire.
With StarField Stories, which he founded in 2014 with former founding partner, Sunghee Lee, Lord Toph has worked as author, illustrator, designer & composer in order to create a profitable and educational framework of strong, relatable characters and themes. StarField Stories concept consistency and integral structure of Character Mythology facilitates a Merchandising Flagship for a new generation of childrens literature as well as its current and future product launch (i.e. duvet covers, phone cases, shower curtains, throw pillows, T-shirts, etc.).
* Animation & Film are the future goals for this childrens' literature company.
As producer, LORD TOPH has produced numerous songs for artists that have been part of the Mont CrisToph Music roster. He has written and composed for Folk Acoustic artist, Damen Samuel, Adult Contemporary artists Ebony Anne Isaac and Kyle Whitney, Hip Hop artist, SnowFlake Black (Ross Allen, who is partnered with Lord Toph in SFM), the Classic Blues/Rock act, The Tony Mazza Project, and several other independent artists.
In 2012 he was first recognized by the American Music Academy and received Grammy candidacy as a producer and songwriter. He was selected as a Grammy candidate again in the following year along with select artists on the Mont CrisToph Music label and was recognized in several categories for achievements in songwriting, performance and collaboration.

As a BMI music affiliate, LORD TOPH has an extensive catalog of music which he has composed, arranged and produced. Combining his music works published and unreleased, LORD TOPHs music catalog easily exceeds five hundred compositions.