Mikaela Bertilsson

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Why I do, what I do

I love to see people and businesses grow and develope. In my opinion the best areas to see this, is in education or where there is a cut between one situation and another.

I guess it´s my mission to be just there in the cut, on the edge. Just as I seem to drift off into someother jobarea, I´m thrown back by circumstances and life. To learn about growth, to live in education mode and share what I have experienced- that´s my mission.

We all have crossroads and breakthroughs…

…It´s when you look back you can see the bits and pieces of the puzzle being layed out in a very personal shape and form. Why I am a business owner? I wanted to shape my own company. Why did I become a mother? After I had fulfilled some dreams, like learning Spanish i Mexico, being a UN soldier and arranging the Swedish participation in a trade show in Sapporo, Japan, life became empty and without purpose. How could I have known I was to embark on the most fulfilling journey there is- to be a mother.

So what crossroad led me to the online world? I wanted to have more time with my kids, being able to feel the freedom when and where I work is precious to me. That´s why I´m online.

My background in short

My education is economics and marketing. I worked in the financial area for 10 years. Even if my work was in the financial area I really enjoyed the daily tasks of training and education. As a manager of a start up company I worked a lot and took on more responsiblity then I needed. It all came to a cross road when I asked myself if what I did wast worth doing for someone else or should a start my own company. And my journey as an entrepreneur started.

I have now been a business owner over 15 years and started up a few businesses in different areas with and without staff. Within the 15 years period I took a break from being a business owner and worked as a deputy principal at a college. The enviroment was stimulating but after a few years I ended the employment for privat reasons.

I am curious what there is around the next corner. And for me- to learn and explore is the way to get there. If I can share and inspire others along the way the journey will be the aim to meet the goal.

Let me inspire you !