Ozair Iqbal

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Hey my name is Ozair Iqbal, and I have a dream.
My dream is to be able to be there for my loved ones and to be able to travel the world alongside my wife and newborn son to experience the many different cultures and to see the many different views this beautiful world has to offer.
Its also to be able to set as many souls free as possible so that I myself as well as countless others can obtain and live life the way we were supposed to be living, with no setbacks from society, and as abundantly as possible.
It is our divine birthright to be happy and abundant and I would love to be amongst those who bring about nothing but peace, love, harmony, laughter and to be able to shine a light on this world. To be the healing cell.
I, by the will of the Most High, would like to set up a school where life sciences are key and the preservation and conservation of life and the earths well-being being the forefront of all curriculum, so the next generation has more of a "pro life" mentality when making decision throughout there lives, build and create rather than destroy and ruin.
I want to be able to leave the world a better place than when i had entered it 24 years ago.
Join me on my quest for we are STRONGER as a community.