Adrian Edwards

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My name is Adrian Edwards and i'm originally from the small island of Jamaica. When i was 3 year old my family moved to New York in the United States which is were i was schooled, conditioned, and raised. A-lot have time have passed since then and iv'e found myself with a passion to travel the world and really get to understand not only myself but also the world that were all sharing. Yeah i know, this sounds good but unfortunately there was one massive problem. SOCIETY. How could i go about living my ambitions if i'm expected to work 40+ hours a week? How am i to feel fulfilled when i cant even be around the people i LOVE, reason being that i'm stuck putting my life energy into a job that doesn't even appreciate my hard work. I'm so ashamed to admit that i'm working 50+ hours a week as a labourer and often doing the most dangerous of task for the smallest amounts of money. To make matters even worse the thought of my mothers home being seized by the bank weights heavy on my hearth. Well with this as my determination, i searched and searched day in and night out, until i found my answer. I searched for the sake of my own happiness and my family's well being and guess what? Iv'e found what iv'e been looking for!