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Coronavirus vs Workplace Stress

Which is the biggest killer?

This article presents the current hype of fear mongering media tactics, while the biggest concern is our own health being affected in the workplace.

As a result, everyday people are building side hustles like using the power of the internet to increase their cashflow and focus on their health with more time freedom. 

As the media continues to warn the public of the potentially life threatening coronavirus, plus social media insisting on posting videos of misunderstood humans eating bats and chickens being stuffed by things that just shouldn't be stuffed with (poor chooks). 


A 2 year study from 2017 - 2019 of 17k Sydney based office workers revealed the most shocking health statistics all due to workplace stress, inactivity, long work hours and poor diet leading to:


  • Increased mental illness
  • High blood pressure (Men 76% compared to women at 46%)
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • High risk of suffering a stroke
  • High risk of heart attack

As an Exercise Physiologist / Health & Wellness educator this isn’t new information.


  • But WHY does this continue to be the workplace norm?
  • Why aren’t companies taking more active roles in the well-being of their employees, just like you?
  • Why do we continue to place our health at risk of chronic illness, depression, anxiety & suicide? 

This is why thousands of people just like you are learning new ways to live life on their terms. 

By leveraging the power of the internet to create sustainable income streams and passive cash flow as a more viable approach to living compared to a traditional employees salary.

They’re designing the life they have always dreamt about and the secret to their success is they simply took action. 

You see I've dabbled in the corporate workspace before I got into healthcare education and I'll be honest the money was great but my health really suffered. 

I knew I had to do something about it because the long hours plus all that extra time I wasted travelling to and from work slowly sucked the life out of me.


Because I was stuck in the office at work, I’ll never get the time back to tell my mum how much I truly loved her before she passed away in hospital.

When I took that call from my twin brother Matty as I sat in my office chair, I broke down in what was the most traumatic memory of my life. 

I was never going back to that office.

  • If you feel stuck right now what are you willing to change to create a better future for yourself?
  • If you discovered what it takes to truly break free from a workplace that’s dragging you down, then what's holding you back from creating change? 
  • Perhaps you’re looking for change but just not sure how?
  • Imagine you discover the true power of leveraging the internet... 
  • Imagine creating passive income with your very own online business ideas that aligns to your real passions...
  • Is this thought alone worth taking back control of your life? 
  • Would you take action or continue living and working to fulfill your bosses dreams? 

"Realising myself the traditional way of working no longer resonated with my feelings of 'dream career', I discovered an education platform that takes a holistic approach to my learning, that’s vested in my personal and professional wellbeing". 

  • Through genuine support and mentoring surrounded by an incredibly genuine community of real people with very real pain just like what you may be experiencing now.
  • I’m on this journey as I know the most important piece of real estate is my own mindset.
  • Backed by this amazing community I've been empowered to pursue life on my terms. 
  • You too can learn about the power of leveraging the internet through proven business models like Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce. 
  • Plus be provided all the training tools and resources you'll ever need to create a life you've always dreamt about.

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A life that doesn’t require you to trade valuable time for money and constantly put your health at risk. 

I realise how precious life is after I lost mum and the most precious commodity? Is our own time. 

If your dead serious about taking action I can tell you now this is possible and that’s why I would love to share the very same videos that inspired me to take massive action and start living a life with more meaning.  

The video series could be the solution you’re searching for to create the change you want in life. 

 " When we can no longer change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves"

                                                                            Viktor Frankl 

Written by Jude Borromeo

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