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What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is anything you are able to sell online on a website, whether you own the website or not. Amazon is one of the greatest online marketing websites. or are examples of online marketing websites. So Online Marketing is when you have a product, service or wisdom to sell on a website online on the internet. 

What kind of Online Marketing?
This is the most important thing you need to know when you think of starting an Online Marketing. You need to know or figure out what is the product you want to sell, what kind of business or service you are about to offer. Which business branch are you burning for? With an online marketing business, you can sell pants, household items. Webinars or wisdom like giving courses in yoga or dance or meditation. These are all ideas on starting an online marketing business.

Another type of Online Marketing is to build a community within youtube by making videos. Within these videos, you can talk about a subject you don't need to be expert on, but along the journey, you get good. When you have an audience and people spend time watching your videos you can start earning money.

 How to learn Online Marketing?

The best way to learn Online Marketing is to join a community offering these kinds of services. I joined SFM and it has been a door opening for my learning, a mind-shifting of my conscious. Now as I am still learning I am glad for taking the step to be an Online Marketer on my way making money.

Why start an Online Marketing
There are many reasons why we want to start an online business, here are some I list.

Making additional income and having additional income resource
Be your own boss.
No rely on a monthly income
Have more time with your loved ones
Own your time
Work on your pace
Do what you love to do 
Solve a problem
Helping other people
Sharing your knowledge 


What do I need to learn when starting an Online Marketing?
Funnel, SEO, Organic or natural traffic, paid traffic, CPC, SERP are some of the terms every online marketer must learn to get a result.

What is SEO? What Does SEO stand for?
SEO means Search Engine Optimization. When you are online using google or YouTube searching something you need to learn or buy. So you put your keywords or a phrase in the Google search bar. What happens when you hit the search button is where SEO comes in. SEO returns back a result. SEO uses different techniques and methods to find the most relevant websites for you, answering your question. The best websites are presented at the top of the search result.

Every one of us, having a website wants to rank at the top, to show up. Without no doubt, every online business owner wants and must learn SEO, understand that having control of SEO means having control of your business success.

What is Organic or Natural traffic?
Well, while advertising and paid advertising bring potential customers to your website. Organic traffic is none paid traffic to your website.
SEO refers to none paid traffic to your website. If your website has the best answer for a query in a search engine your website will be rank at the top of the result list.

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