Coronavirus ... what's behind it?

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They call it 'The Modern world's plague' simply because it came out of an unhealthy dietary regime.

Brief history:

The first cases were identified at the tail end of 2019 in Wuhan, the capital city of China’s Hubei province when hospitals started seeing patients with severe pneumonia. Like the viruses that cause MERS and SARS, the new coronavirus appears to have originated in bats, but it’s not clear how the virus jumped from bats to humans or where the first infections occurred. Often, pathogens journey through an intermediary “animal reservoir”—bats infect the animals, and humans come into contact with some product from that animal. That could be milk or undercooked meat, or even mucus, urine, or faeces. For example, MERS moved to humans through camels, and SARS came through civet cats sold at a live animal market in Guangzhou, China.
Scientists don’t know why some coronaviruses have made that jump but others haven’t. It may be that the viruses haven’t made it to animals that humans interact with, or that the viruses don’t have the right spike proteins so they can’t attach to our cells. It’s also possible that these jumps happen more often than anyone realizes, but they don’t cause serious reactions, so no one notices.

Present Situation:

Coronavirus is present among us - not only in China! Europe is taking the toll of the Chinese-product germ. In Italy, we have got over 150 deaths, in the United Kingdom the 'unexpected visitor' is causing havoc all over the place. Other countries like Germany and Malta are taking their precautions - raising barriers and erecting restriction against those that could produce more panic in their territories.
Though in the land that got its birth (i.e. China) we got a curious though prosperous announcement!
Nasa images show China pollution cleared down drastically in those regions that were the hotbed of the virus in the turning of last year. 

What could this mean?

1. The space agency (NASA) noted that the decline in air pollution levels coincided with the restriction imposed on transportation and business activities, and as millions of people went into quarantine.
2. Could have been this a deterrent 'caused' by the Chinese government to slow down pollution and its deadly exposure? Could have Coronavirus been a 'peaceful weapon' created by their top ministers to halt the always exceeding amounts of nitrogen dioxide. A 'weapon' has obviously has been treated too poorly and that escaped to all logical plans! 
Anyway how to consider it, the virus has caused panic and alarm all over the world. 
That world 'pandemic' scares the globe. 
It is an everyday evolving story! These few words could be an outdated piece of poor literature by the time you are going to read it.
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