For The Future

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As someone who has studied Permaculture and Sustainability, making eco-living not only a satisfying & peaceful way of life, but a necessary operating system in order to feel secure, healthy, and natural, I am personally so grateful for the building, and more recent, media cover both in the news and on social platforms on climate change and what we are going to do about it as a collective.

The best experiences and the most important work I've ever done has been through volunteering with different eco projects and communities around the world.

I've been a part of the global movement to protect the planet, to shift how people think, and to help people in need be more sustainable. I've learnt from amazing groups of people how the power of community, how working together, has so much meaning and leads to fulfilment.

The need for drastic action in safeguarding the planet, cutting back on consumption, and respecting natural resources - this isn't new information, it's been a long time coming, but the fact that it is now becoming popular news, and dare I say, fashionable, is amazing.

And that's the key - while this topic has been analysed and talked over thousands of times, action does need to be taken. There's noly so many meetings and conferences you can have before it's too late.

So be one of the ones taking action.

Pay attention to what's needed, get educated, and take aligned action.

Anyone who is involved with sustainability and saving the planet must be excited and relieved that their way of life is being recognised and people are taking notice, acting and trying to make a difference along side them.

This is a part of life which has been near and dear to my heart since I was a child, and I've pottered along, staying true to my inner Being who needs a connection to nature, and learning all that I can in order to tread lightly and be in harmony with nature.

To witness a person like Greta Thunberg, unapologetically raising a voice on behalf of us and the world to stop wasting time, accept our mistakes and take real action to actually control our past mistakes and make the world a realistic place for future generations to live.

This is a dedication to her willpower and courage, and her ability to make things happen. I applaud her; her gentle grace and fierce determination to make things right is brilliant. Her compassion and light is within all of us. Pay attention and you'll find yours.

I am so pleased that the world of politics and the like are paying attention, giving her a rightful space at the table, taking her seriously and listening. Let's hope action is taken.

People are waking up, thanks to Greta and others just like her. And this needs to continue. The time, really is, now.

How can we take more responsibility today, for the future?

So, my reason for writing this post is to encourage you to be resourceful. To take a step back and really, really look at all that you have, everything at your disposal, and see how you can make a difference.

It can feel overwhelming when faced with big issues such as climate change to know where to begin helping. It, of course, is not a one person job. It requires all of us to clip in and help out.

And we all can. We are all able to help. Everyday. Because helping big projects or issues like this doesn't mean doing one thing that one time. It requires energy, motivation, creativity, adaptability, and commitment.

Getting to the point of living in a healthy and sustainable planet is probably going to take a long time, we have to be committed to making it happen.

Momentum for important causes can easily be lost as each new day brings a new challenge. A new burden or problem to fix, which requires attention.

It's hard to imagine attention being lost on the issue of climate change, it's pretty much in everyone's faces these days. But, take care, tomorrow may surprise you and a bright and shiny news flash or media buzz might steal you away and distract you from this cause.

Give yourself reminders - make a physical poster if you have to, and put it up where you'll see it every day.

Remember - Out of sight, out of mind.

We have to keep reminding ourselves of the issue in order to keep committed and hold ourselves accountable to get stuff done.

Make it a priority. Make it a reason to get up in the morning. Make it your reason for being here - because climate change could be the reason you're not here anymore.

Now, I'm a firm believer in not peddling doom and gloom all the time. News outlets have that covered, and I don't find it helpful in the long run.

People need positivity to keep going. We need to know our efforts are paying off, we need evidence, we need inspiration that moves us forward.

So share what you do. Show others how you're helping the planet. Talk about it with friends and family - but keep it positive!

People who are less aware and find it hard to connect to this idea of climate change being an issue will switch off if they feel they are being verbal attacked or like their personal lives or habits are being threatened.

Those of us who are awake to the crisis, and who are making efforts to help, need to empower others to do the same.

Yes, many people and companies need to wake up and take responsibility for careless action, such as single used consumption. But, there is no need to be aggressive and tell these people and corporations off. Then no progress will be made.

People who are struggling to make changes need to be offered alternatives and options for how to change. So, lead by example. Shift your spending habits and re-think what you buy. Make things from scratch, re-use, swap and share what you already have.

Like I said before, it can feel overwhelming, but it's surprising how quickly these changes become new habits and take affect. Especially when many people take the same aligned action. Somethings require a lot of people to make a difference, just remember...

You are not alone. We ARE all in this together.

So saving the planet is not solely down to you. You are one in over 7 billion people who can work together to create massive change. And when we work together, things get a whole lot easier.

For example, over 20 African countries have joined together to plant a wall of trees over thousands of miles, coast to coast, across the middle of the continent in order to help stop the spread of the desert-land and combat global warming. This project is called the The Great Green Wall and you can visit the website through the link below to learn more and get involved.

This project is outstanding, and was only made possible by collaboration. Just think what you could achieve, or help to achieve if you worked along side others.

Forget boarders, forget differences - look at each other as friends and make a combined effort to create positive change.

We as a species are wonderful at adapting. When we really need to we have shown, time and time again, that we can pull together to survive or make real, authentic and sustainable change.

Be part of this, be part of humanity making the biggest change in history in order to save the planet we call home.

Don't think it's too much for you. Don't quit just because it gets difficult.

Things will get difficult. If you've been paying attention, you'll know that things have already been getting difficult.

Let's not let that continue. Let's roll up our sleeves and get on with it.

We don't have time to waste. We need to do this in order to respect our selves. If we don't, we should be ashamed.

This is one world, and it's the only one we've got.

The world needs you to do your best, so do it. We should all go to bed at night feeling pleased, knowing that we have achieved this.

Do your bit. Take action. Today. Everyday.

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