Is Age of Sixty Too Old To Follow Your Dream?

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If a sixty years old man told you that he has a dream and wishes for his dream come true.
How would you advise him?

What would you tell him?

Will you tell him to follow his dream and try and try hard until he reaches his dream?

Or will you tell him to burry his dream and destroy him?

Or will you encourage him and give him tons of examples of people in his age and older who followed their dreams.

Or will your age has no room for dreams anymore and he is far behind to start?

Or would you tell him that dream has no age if a human being has a breath and live there will always be room for dreams?

No doubt, the belief between encouraging people and destroying will be different based on people’s understanding and wisdom.
But regardless of the answer, the 60 years old man gets whether it is a “ Do it” or “ Don’t do it”, what makes one feel hopeless is the way the society looks at you if your age moving uphill. If someone past 60 years old, society gives him the feeling that his train of life is getting closer to the final destination and criticize his dreams and wishes in life. Society emphasizes the importance of taking care of him and his family and it doesn’t stop there the society makes this person exhausted and gives him a headache because of the belief that the person who has reached this age is no longer healthy and needs to rest and take it easy and not do any grueling work.

This is even worse for woman, years before reaching this age, women get criticized for a certain action, and advised to get retired even though her loading with taking care of children and household are much easier since her children are grown up but in the eyes of the society this woman should stay home and it doesn’t stop there the society feel sorry for a woman reaching a certain age and also has to be a friend of loneliness and cut from the world.

The naked truth is that we all will reach the age of 60 if we live that long. So how would you live your life, would you live and follow your dreams? or would live and do as others force you to live?

The age is just like a number, the important thing is how you feel, the feeling of you are still young, that you keep this feeling even if you are lying on the bed of death.

We all have lost many of our lives moments without having the pleasure to live it because of the fear of what others would think of us. so, ladies and gentlemen of 60 years old, I have a surprise for you, according to the World Health Organization, the young age is between 25-65, 66 - 75 is considered middle age, thus enjoy your life, chase your dreams, keep socializing, read and travel. Enjoy your sixties and later, like someone said life is good my friend.

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