It´s never too late to become a star, 105 year old media profile tell us

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International Christmas Calender

We have this amazing Godmother for project and NGO Bbeabridge, Dagny Carlsson now at an age of 105 years old. What many people don´t know about her is that she was very ill in her younger years and she thought she was going to die but her husband died before her and she decided to do something about the situation and one thing she did was taking up her dreams; Says Hannika Oberg organizing the Christmas Calendar for the third year with aim to open up hearts and help the lonely hearts. 

She had dreamt of becoming a writer but there was never time for that until now, she started to blog at an age of 99 years old. She writes every night about different topics. Swedes just love her, she is funny and warm and wise in her way of being so open. You can see her blog HERE. She has over two million people who have entered on her blog. What this lady has done since she became 100 years is not little and she continuing surprising us all.

She has done a peace song for Christmas and for the inauguration of the film Bbeabridge organized an event for elderly people where we built bridges and filmed a part to have with us in this upcoming music video with our peace song for Christmas.You can see these happy videos here. 

We have a Hollywood star Therése Neaimé as an ambassador for Bbeabridge and here they both got together for the first time and got to know each other.   You can see some pictures and videos here
They all collaborate for the sake of Good. So we believe there is hope for a bright Christmas 2017 and please follow our Christmas Calendar here on Digital Bloggers.undefined

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