lest we forget

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Lest We Forget - Remembrance of the ANZAC day


My daughter took their 9,8 and 5 years old today.  The minute we got there, hundreds maybe thousands poured in.  She thought these are the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of fallen or those who fought.  She was moved by the numbers. She was transported to the eerie silence they must have felt just before they went out to fight.  Tears rolled down my cheeks, in deep honour and respect.  We collectively pay homage to all those before us that have given us the freedom of life we lead today.  then what's left is togetherness.  It is something that brings us together versus war that pulls us apart.  and we thanked their great-grandad who was pow.

Every year we celebrate and get together as one!  Lest We Forget - Remembrance of the ANZAC day, I must say how lucky we are to have the life that we are now living.  I am touched and moved by the whole things and the spirit of our ancestors so proud as who we are being togetherness at this moment!

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