Panic attacks as an awekening symptom.

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If you suffer from panic attacks do you ever consider that a panic attack can be an awakening symptom?


I realise that this disorder can be caused by many factors so it is worth researching and seeking different opinions. I recommend that you do if you suffer from panic attacks.

In this article, I will show you that this scary experience doesn't necessarily mean that something is wrong with you.

Now let me tell you my story.

I was in a place where almost all aspects of my life were in disharmony. My marriage was ending, I couldn't find a job, I had no money at all, I had serious issues with my body, I lost faith in myself and all my confidence. I felt that I was suffocating in my old identity and old life circumstances.

I started having panic attacks. Suddenly I felt that I couldn't breathe because I felt trapped. The thought of living in such a way was unbearable. I felt that I was suffocating because I couldn't see the light and didn't have any hope that I would be able to change my circumstances.

If you've had similar experiences I have to tell you that a panic attack can be a good sign.

This can be a sign that you are awakening. You have grown out of your old life and have matured to go to a higher level of your consciousness.

Your life is like too tight jeans, you can't move and breathe freely in it.


In the „Matrix” movie there is a scene when Neo has a panic attack after being unplugged from the matrix and learning what the matrix is. This film really has a lot of metaphors that fit in our lives. When you start to awaken it is an extremely difficult stage because you see that you are in the system that doesn't serve you, where people are trained to live their lives like slaves working all day and almost all week having only one holiday per year.

At that moment you realise that living in that way is not worth living and you can't stand it anymore.

When you realise that you were created to be something more and to live with a passion being free to create lifestyle of your dreams it can be overwhelming and terrifying but a panic attack can be the first step towards freedom.

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What can you do now?

  • Act! A panic attack is a calling for action for you. You have disconnected from the collective consciousness and now you have to do something to gain your freedom. Acting to change your life makes you feel better and brings results.
  • Get out of your comfort zone! To have different results you have to use different methods.
    Fight with your subconscious demons. We have a lot of programs, fears and beliefs which sabotage our attempts to change.
  • Work with your personal development teacher. If you want to have quicker results you will need guidance from somebody who is a professional in personal or spiritual development. You can attract the right person for you just by listening to your intuition.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

  • Spend some time with yourself in private. When you want to transform your life and develop your consciousness you should have time to listen to yourself and watch the changes taking place in you, and the content appearing on the surface of your consciousness.


What else will you need?


You should know that there is a whole community of people like you!

There are souls with open minds, open hearts at different stages of their journey of becoming masters of their lives.

Maybe it will resonate with you. Maybe the universe brings it to you because you are ready. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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Thank you for your attention!

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