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I've been thinking a lot lately about being proactive and getting involved with things which are meaningful.

Over the years I've volunteered with many different organisations and on projects which have filled my soul with so much love and compassion I thought I'd explode.

Being part of something bigger than yourself, which contributes to conserving the planet, or health & well-being, or human & animal rights, you can't help but be inspired and feel at peace with how you're spending your time.

Disappointingly, for me, there was always a lull; between each trip, between each fundraising campaign, between each volunteer project.

I would find myself drifting away from being actively involved in something meaningful, and missing it so much I felt anxious and as if I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Instead of focusing on where I was, I would start imagining myself setting off on the ocean seas to save hunted dolphins or venturing into the Amazon to rescue endangered frogs or stop deforestation.

But I'd actually be at home, very far away from any of these places.

And my heart would sink. I'd be crushed that I wasn't in that space of actively helping. I'd question why I wasn't there.

Everything else I was doing at that moment suddenly seemed so superficial and lame in comparison.

I've since learnt that this does not help anything. Focusing in on what you're not doing, distracts you from what you could be doing.

So, instead of getting down and out about this, and then do nothing at all to help, we can practise doing the best we can, wherever we are, with whatever resources we have, at that given moment.

We can get creative and researched. Reached out and contacted appropriate people to show interest in contributing and asked for advice on how best to help.

You might want to join an expedition to the Andes to help endangered wildlife. But if you have responsibilities away from there, travelling that far away probably isn't feasible.

You never know, one day your situation may change and you'll be able to go to the Andes. But for now, be realistic and focus on ways you can help within your means.

It's important to remember that we can all help so much if we took on causes and ways of helping others in this manner.

Sometimes it's the small things which make up the big things.

So just because you are not at sea doing a mass ocean clean up with top scientists or marine biologists, doesn't mean that picking up litter on the beach or in your local community and recycling it doesn't make a difference.

It makes all the difference in the world.

It's hard when many situations needing attention and help seem so wildly out of reach and beyond our help. Especially as individuals. But, the more each individual does, the more collective action will build.

The world can seem too huge and disruptions happening thousands of miles away can be so difficult to relate to, or feel we could ever have any positive affect on.

But sometimes, if you remember that we are all living on the same planet, we are not separate, and that whatever you do has an affect, you can learn to take positive action and know that you're helping, even though you may be physically far away.

I truly believe that we all deep down, want to help and support other things that ourselves. Even if we are unconscious to it, it's there.

We are loving and compassionate creatures, so don't let your compassion go to waste, simply because you feel far away from where it's needed.

Use it, and watch how fulfilled your life becomes.

We are all leaving a mark on the earth - what do you want yours to be?

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