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Who is your west Anemy, who is the only person that can put you down, what is the answer please?ist your friends becouse of what they think of you? or your family members or co-wokers etc.your west Anemy is YOU my dear yes its you, no one can make your live better but you, you are the only one who knows you, nomather what others may think of you. first and foremost you should know you are and who is on your side, which is the Almighty God, so what cant you do if you have this mindset. Philippians 4:13 says you yes you can do all things becouse God is the one who strengthens you, is not your own strength, so dont let what others think of you becomes you, but let what Jesus things of you becomes you. for what God says is the only thing that matters and the only thing that will stand forever. You are on the team JESUS and that makes you a winner.


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