Penny Ngarimu

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Hello from Brisbane, Australia! I am mum to six beautiful children and wife to THE BEST husband, Cam. And I can't forget our handsome dog Tiki.
Together Cam and I have grown with our kids and learnt so much along the way, loving every minute of the good the bad and the challenging.
I have many hidden talents that include Novelty cake decorator, Netball fitness trainer, Nutritionist, Adviser, Mediator, Party organizer, Chef, Chauffeur, you name it - this super-mum has probably done it! But the funny thing is that l've been unhappy at my paid job in Administration for quite some time.
So I was on a mission looking for ways to make some lifestyle changes. At the time I was working on self improvement, shifting my mindset and looking to take massive action thanks to my favorite speaker Tony Robbins.
That's when I stumbled across the SFM. I remember thinking "things happen for a reason". So after having a good read through the information and watching Stuart Ross' introduction videos I took the leap and clicked the link.
And that, in a nutshell is how my journey with the SFM started!