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Some people are just existing before exiting this life but some people are living their lives full of purpose, with a gusto and zest for living. It's time when you should also decide to still live your life to the fullest, beyond the routine and mundane of paid employment.

Live your Purpose

Myles Munroe once said that when purpose is not known, abuse is invevitable. It's sad that many people don't know their purpose and are not living their lives fulfilled. When this happens, it's tantamount to self-abuse. 

Personally, I am finding so much fulfillment by just inspiring you the way I am doing right now. I find myself  knowing that I am adding value to others by helping them to achieve their own life goals. 

You too my friend you are so much gifted and endowed with talents, skills and untapped abilities which are just waiting to be discovered and unleashed for you to live your greatest life. Maybe your gift and talents are in the arts, music, oratory, writing (and blogging as I am doing now) or in sports or academics etc. Whatever it is, use your talents and gifts. Trust me, you will never regret doing that. If ypu don't know your purpose, get time to yourself and build a list of the things which make you happy and which you find it easier to do. However, indentifying those things is just the first step but you then need to get further training to develop those gifts and talents and if possible, find a mentor within that field who will help uou even to achieve your goals to greater heights.

Hindrances to living your purpose?

There are various reasons why many people end up not living their lives to the fullest. Chief among them is lack of proper role models, lack of proper education and knowledge, negative influences who glorify failure and a lack of confidence and self belief i.e fear. Fear paralyses purpose and chokes a destiny.

Face your fears and rise the giant in you to start living your purpose. The reality is that youbare going to need some courage if you are to fully live a fulfilled purposeful life. Be a brand to yourself which doesn't need any endorsement. In the formative stages, the greater part of the work is to work on yourself and get rid of any self-limiting beliefs and mindsets. 

Another limiting factor is that of seeking people approval and getting easily discouraged. I don't know of any successful person who was always seeking for the opinions and approval of others. If you are sure to not go anywhere in life, live life as a people pleaser. How can you ask for pointers from people who don't even know themselves. Decide today to live a life of fulfilment, not frustration.

Get Mentorship


I cannot emphasise enough about the benefit of getting mentoring and masterminded with like minded people. I was hesitant of writing and of venturing into online entrepreneurship but when I joined the Six Figure Mentors (SFM), I literally transformed and my confidence in enterpreneurship increased. Now I am finding fulfilment and learning daily.

You too can start your own journey by getting freedom to pursue your other passions and purposes. That is living!


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