the mighty copper beech tree

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This one is in my garden , our family home was built in 1858 ( and we didn't build it before you start with the funny comments)  so we assume this is the approximate age of the tree 

undefined These copper beech trees are native to europe 


This is called summer branch drop 

Jeremy Barrell FICFor discusses this mode of branch failure, and whether a more proactive management approach is possible.


Summer Branch Drop (SBD) is the term describing the failure of mature tree branches in summer, with no obvious cause. SBD events often occur after the onset of heavy rainfall following a prolonged dry spell. There is speculation that this weather combination is significant, but the precise mechanism is not understood and it is poorly researched. It is widely stated that the risk from SBD is so low that precautions are not warranted. However, emerging anecdotal evidence is indicating that it may be more common than first thought, and that a proactive management approach may be justified in some circumstances.


 we found out it is common ( the hard way !! ) , NO ONE was hurt . So good advice do not camp under trees when heavy rain and wind are forecast, I personally would always camp away from trees if it is at all possible, I have experienced what can happen !

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